New Kenneth Branagh Hercule Poirot Movie Confirmed With Big Cast

Less than a year after the second installment hit cinemas, a new Kenneth Branagh-led Hercule Poirot film has been confirmed with A ghost in Venice. Branagh made his bid first Agatha Christie’s beloved private detective to the screen with 2017s Murder on the Orient Express, which scored generally mixed reviews but was a box office smash. He would reprise his role as star and director earlier this year with Death on the Nilewhich scored similarly mixed to positive reviews and was a modest box office success, grossing over $137 million against its $90 million production budget during the pandemic.


Though Death on the Nile experienced lower returns at the box office, it was still widely considered a success despite various controversies working against it, namely troubling reports of sexual misconduct by star Armie Hammer and Letitia Wright’s alleged anti-vaccination beliefs. Around the film’s release, Branagh had confirmed that he was in discussions with 20th Century Studios about another installment, with studio head Steve Asbell teasing that the third film had already been written, despite the project not being greenlit. Now, those who have fallen in love with Branagh’s Agatha Christie franchise gets an exciting update on his future future.

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20th Century Studios has brought word that a third Kenneth Branagh Hercule Poirot film is officially in the works A ghost in Venice, with Branagh once again returning to direct and Michael Green to write the screenplay. Branagh has also assembled another star-studded ensemble cast for the film, which will include Tina Fey, Jamie Dornan, Michelle Yeoh, Kyle Allen, Camille Cottin, Jude Hill, Ali Khan, Emma Laird, Kelly Reilly and Riccardo Scamarico. Production on A ghost in Venice is set to begin in November with plans for an undated theatrical release in 2023.

How New Poirot Movie Could Change Franchise

Although once again based on an Agatha Christie novel, the new Hercule Poirot movie will mark an interesting change of direction with the supernatural bias A ghost in Venice. Set in post-World War II Venice on Halloween, the story centers on Poirot as he attends a séance at a supposedly haunted palazzo where a guest ends up murdered. This inherently follows a similar whodunnit format as Murder on the Orient Express and Death on the Nilealthough by offering a potential supernatural element it could have a far darker and more disturbing tone than its predecessors and thus help avoid franchise fatigue.

Of the large ensemble casts included in the film, it is interesting to note that Kenneth Branagh’s new Hercule Poirot film A ghost in Venice marks Tina Fey’s latest foray into the murder mystery genre following her entry Hulu’s Only murder in the building. Although she was only a supporting player in Steve Martin and John Hoffman’s hit comedy series, she became a memorable one with season 2, when her true crime podcaster Cinda Canning actually became a suspect in the season’s latest mystery, which should make her return to the fold a interesting tease of what the audience can expect from her role in the film. While the audience awaits further details on A ghost in Venicecan they catch up with the branaghs Murder on the Orient Express streaming on Freevee and Death on the Nile streaming on both Hulu and HBO Max.

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