Mom slams ‘Cheeky’ for inviting her daughter to her precious baby’s birthday party

A parent is furious after a mother invites herself – and her child – to her daughter’s extravagant birthday party.

They shared the exact dilemma with Mumsnet, under the username Aliciasattic, explaining that their little girl was 8 years old in August.

They told the birthday girl she could invite six people, saying, “It’s a fairly expensive activity for each child, hence the numbers.”

But another mother called herself after an awkward conversation, as Aliciastic wrote: “One of the schools my mother was in asked me if [darling daughter] I was attending an event coinciding with the date of the party and I foolishly said, no, because it’s her birthday and she’s having a party.

File photo of a kid's birthday party.
File photo of a kid’s birthday party. A mother is angry after a parent invites herself to her child’s birthday party.
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“The [mom] He immediately said, Well, I’ll say no to the event, since she (DD) would rather go to your party. The kids never literally played together.”

They later kicked themselves for their reaction, saying, “Instead of replying, sorry she didn’t invite me, I kind of muttered a bit shy about having to go and go. Now I’m nervous about this, should I let the baby come?”

“Mother was [mom] Acting rudely assuming that her child has been invited? There are a lot of small parties in the class, so there is nothing new there.

“For what it’s worth she seems to be a nice person, although I don’t know her particularly well, and my DD had no negative experiences with the other child.

“But with that said, there are other kids I’d rather invite if there’s an option for extra space and I feel like I’ve been trapped in a corner. I’m annoyed with myself but I find the whole thing a bit cumbersome and inconvenient.”

The post, which can be read here, has garnered more than 100 responses since it was posted on Tuesday, with fellow parents in mind.

Pheasantplucker2 commented, “Just text her saying sorry if our wires are cut. Dd have a very small party with only 5-6 best friends, so feel free to do the other social thing instead.”

Agatha Mystery said; “I would simply say to her the next time you see her;” Please don’t cancel an arrangement because of a DD party, we only have 5 kids in the party. “And leave it like that.”

Meras wrote: “Yanbo [you are not being the a**hole]Just be honest and tell her mom only has a small group for her party.”

Knockyknees exasperated: “There’s nothing ‘uninviting’ the girl from him because she wasn’t invited in the first place! Anyone who thinks that he or his child, is immediately invited to something just because it’s mentioned in a conversation, it’s either announcing or incredibly thick.”

Tohaven and thought, “Because you didn’t immediately say it was only for five kids, I was going to suck it up and call the girl. But if you can’t, just send a nice tactical message now.”

“You need to fix this,” Drpet49 said. “Your daughter has chosen her best friend. You can’t invite this other girl – your daughter will be very disappointed.”

Lollipoprainbow noted: “I wouldn’t dream of assuming my dad was invited to a party on that premise, weird!!”

While FabFitFifties added, “YABU voted [you are being the a**hole] But I meant to be a coward at the time. Make it clear – it’s not fair for your daughter to invite her if she is limited in choice and has to leave other friends out of the house.

After seeing the advice, Aliciasattic, who is believed to be from the UK, said, “I agree that maybe it seems like I was a bit rude to mention the party if I wasn’t going to invite the baby. Believe me, I realized the second I said it…”

After chatting with the birthday girl, the parent added, “I guess my mom never meant to be rude and is actually so friendly and nice, I’ve sent you the details. There’s another kid who won’t break the bank and will learn to keep my trap closed next time.”

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