Mohamed Nour is released from prison after a murder case was dropped

The former Minneapolis police officer who killed a woman while answering her 911 call will be released from prison Monday.

Muhammad Noor, 36, shot Justin Roszyk Dammond on July 15, 2017, after Damon called 911 to report a possible sexual assault in the alley behind her home in southwest Minneapolis.

Noor was initially convicted of third-degree murder and sentenced to 12 years in prison, with Noor’s sentence reduced to four years and nine months for manslaughter after the Minnesota Supreme Court overturned the premeditated murder charge in September 2021.

Nour will be released early and spend the next year and a half on probation.

Damond, who was engaged to be married at the time, thought she heard a woman being assaulted in the alley and called the cops.

Noor was riding in the passenger seat while his partner was pulling his car into the alley. Dammond ran to the car when she saw the officers arriving. Nour responded by reaching through his partner and firing one fatal shot.

In 2018, a jury convicted Noor of third-degree murder. In 2019, he was transferred to a North Dakota prison “for his own safety,” according to the Minnesota Department of Corrections. Officers did not mention Nour’s whereabouts prior to his imminent release.

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