Mohamed Abdel Hamid tells Yvette Arellano that he will raise their child on his faith

fiancé 90 days Viewers wondered why Yvette Arellano and Mohamed Abdel Hamid were together at all.

They have fundamentally different ideas about many things, from faith to how Yvette should live her life.

It’s not just that they’re together – they’re already discussing the idea of ​​having a baby.

Muhammad insists that he does not want Eve to influence their children’s beliefs. oh dear.

“We talked about having a baby together,” Yvette Arellano gushes to the confession camera.

Sitting next to him, she praised: “I just feel like Muhammad would be an amazing father.”

In the peek at Episode 11, she said, “I’d really like to share this experience with him.”

Yvette knows her age can be a factor, but Mohamed is informal about this.

“If not, it doesn’t bother me.”

Then Muhammad adds: “I leave it to God.”

But while Muhammed and Yvette train in the gym, Muhammed sets some ground rules if they have a child.

He begins: “It is very important to have a child, I will take my child to the mosque with me.”

He says he plans to raise their child as a Muslim, even though Eve is not.

Yvette asks, “If a child were more interested in what I believe and what I do, what would happen?”

Muhammad insists: “Let me make something clear.”

He continues: “My child, you cannot confuse him with his religion and I teach him something.”

“You can’t take me out of the equation if we have a baby,” says a panicked Yvette.

Then you ask, “What if they say, ‘I want to go with my mom’ or something like that?”

Mohammed doubles down, saying: “It’s very simple. My child will be a Muslim.”

When speaking to the sectarian camera, Muhammad’s view becomes even more hostile.

He speculates “if the child will be raised in the spirituality that Eve believes in”.

“It will end up with a child drinking alcohol and dating and not knowing what to do,” Muhammad continues. And the???

Well, that peek was pretty toxic. But it is clear that interfaith marriages are very possible.

This does not mean that they are suitable for every couple.

Eve and Mohamed are missing a key ingredient in a successful interfaith relationship: mutual respect.

Yvette cleaned out her wardrobe, eliminated pork from her diet, and reduced drinking to please Mohammed.

Yes, Muhammad left his life in Egypt behind to come and live with Eve.

But in terms of his beliefs, his only compromise was sleeping with her… and that’s not exactly a sacrifice.

More than that, it is very clear when Muhammad speaks that he is not just cataloging the differences.

He openly thinks Yvette is worse.

Muhammad himself said it – I grew up with “a lot of freedom,” which he doesn’t see as a good thing.

When he talks about his desire for his son to be a Muslim, it is because he feels that this is the only right way for them to be.

(Obviously not unique, there are Christians and others who feel the same way)

What Muhammad is really saying is that he doesn’t see Yvette as Good or valuable A person – or a parent.

If you don’t think your partner is a good person, you owe it to him and yourself to end the relationship.

You definitely don’t have to have a child with a “bad” person, whether you’re right or not.

Muhammad’s apparent disdain for Yvette will continue through this season, as the mid-season trailer made clear.

There is another element to this: the human rights of their virtual child.

Frankly, whether the relationship is interfaith or homogeneous, every human being – including children – has the right to choose his or her beliefs.

One has to question the “value” of faith being imposed on a person, rather than being chosen.

With all this in mind… does Yvette and Mohammed have anything in common?

Aside from rocky abs, we mean.

Why is he with a woman he thinks is so bad? Why is she with a man should she be with her Start You have a child?

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