Mimi Leader signs a package deal with Apple TV+

Mimi Leader signed a multi-year package deal with Apple TV+, home of “The Morning Show,” which she executive produced and earned an Emmy Award for directing. According to Deadline, the agreement ensures that the operator will have a first look at streaming features and an exclusive deal for any series that Leder develops.

The Deep Impact maid won awards for her work directing the TV movie “The Leftovers” before she went on to direct Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s film On Sex. She received two Emmy Awards for her work on “ER” — as of 2017, she was the last woman to win an Emmy in 22 years for directing in a drama series. Reed Morano followed in her footsteps when she was honored in “The Handmaid’s Tale.” Leader was also nominated for an Emmy for The West Wing.

Leder’s work directing “The Morning Show” earned her an Emmy Award nomination for the first season finale. Recently renewed for a third season, the drama sees Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston play the hosts of a popular morning TV show. Lieder is set to direct the entire next season.

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