Mila Kunis hilariously reacts to ‘Symphony Of Boos’ from Jimmy Kimmel’s NYC audience

Mila Kunis visited “Jimmy Kimmel live” recently, when Kimmel brought the Los Angeles-based show to Brooklyn for a week and was met with what she described as a “symphony of boos” when the conversation turned to New York-centric topics like pizza.

It all started when the actress admitted that she had cut leggings for children into underwear because she forgot to bring her own panties to the shoot, prompting Kimmel to admit that she seemed like a New Yorker. When he clarified that she was not, the mere statement caused his audience to boo her.

“What? Who bulged?” Kunis asked in one clip posted on YouTube September 29 “What’s wrong with your audience? Very New York of you, very New York. Sorry. Well, you’re not going to like the rest of this interview.”

The actor who promoted her new Netflix the movie “Luckiest Girl Alive” briefly won over audiences after explaining that she was born in Ukraine and immigrated to the United States through New York City. Things took a turn after she said she had her first coke and hamburger in New York, and Kimmel asked her if she also had her first pizza in the city.

“Are you ready? No,” Kunis told the audience, who booed her again. “Boy, this crowd is something.”

“I didn’t have pizza in New York, but my dad delivered pizzas when I was growing up, but in LA,” Kunis added, only to be laughed at by the pizza-obsessed crowd. “That’s mean! LA has really good pizza, guys!”

Kunis humorously defended herself by screaming, “You know what, I’m wearing children’s underwear for you!” She lost all goodwill after dropping a playful bomb on the crowd and admitting that she doesn’t like pizza at all.

“Boo, boo! I get it! I’m out of here!” Kunis screamed as he pretended to leave. “I had it every day for a year, possibly more. It was too much. Because we were so poor, my dad made us pizza for dinner and he tried really hard to be creative, but you can only be so creative .”

“Just to get another boo – it was Domino’s pizza,” she added to even more boos. “This is like a symphony of boos and ahhs.”

The actress told Kimmel that her husband, Ashton is a coach, gave her a pizza oven for their anniversary. She said she found this quite ironic because now she not only eats pizza but actually makes them herself.

“I want to choke it down because my kids like pizza and my husband likes pizza,” Kunis said, “but I’m never the person who says, ‘You know what I’m craving? Pizza.”

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