Mets’ Brett Patty prospect rides a 15-game hitting streak

Mets second-placed Brett Patty shows flashes of greatness in a 15-game hit streak.

There’s a lot to get Mets fans excited about lately. Amazin remains at number one, Pete Alonso is in MVP form, and now the farm system is coming to life.

Francisco Alvarez has been in trouble this season, chopping .283/ .372/ .570 for Double-A Binghamton with 16 homers and 44 RBI as of Friday night. With the 20-year-old catcher making the spotlight, teammate Brett Patty has been silently making his case to be the Mets’ third primary in the future.

Patti, who was enlisted at number 12 in 2019, has been questioned by some for his age since he was 19 after graduating from high school. But his numbers speak for themselves. In Patty’s final year of high school, the third baseman led all high school students with 19 home runs in 37 games. The first main man the Mets took in the first round since David Wright, Patty understood the special shoes he was chosen to fill.

“It makes me feel great to know that David Wright has had so much success, and to know that he might one day [I might] Be like him,” Patty said after being drafted.

Britt Patty
Brett Patty rides a 15-game hitting streak.

This year, Patty is proving to the Mets that they might have the next Wright.

Triple A shouldn’t be far behind Baty, who is now chopping .228/.372/.451 this season. The highly-touted prospect could see MLB action as early as 2023, and with Eduardo Escobar’s recent struggles, fans may be excited to see him soon. Marc Ventos will be the likely call-up this season in case the Mets need an emergency third baseman, but within the next year, Bate’s time may come.

Patty was in an amazing 15 games. From June 5 through June 23, the 22-year-old produced an impressive .355/.429/.565 slash with four home runs, 11 RBI, and 16 points. During the stretch, he raised his average by 25 points from .257 to .282 and seemed to find that strength that captured the Mets front desk.

The Mets have not had an anchor at third base since Wright, with the likes of Wilmer Flores, Todd Frazier and JD Davis serving as cast over the years. The Mets hope this 15-game batting streak is just a preview of the signs to come.

Patty will be looking to continue on Saturday’s hitting streak against Reading Fighten Fels.

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