Married BBC star Lovechild says she has no intention of meeting her famous father

The BBC star’s married daughter has reportedly told her mother that she is not interested in meeting him.

The TV star enjoyed a six-month relationship with a lap dancer before dumping her with a text message once she got pregnant.

The little girl born from ejaculation knows who her famous father is and has also been told a story about how his famous logo was painted on her mother’s breast, The Sun on Sunday reported.

The woman described how her daughter was ambivalent about her father.

She said, “She was anxious at first, but since that explosion she’s decided she doesn’t want to meet him yet.”

You are not bothered. That might change at some point in the future, but for now she’s happy with the way things are going.

I don’t want to do anything about it either. I chose to raise my child as a single mother and that is what I will continue to do.

The TV personality denied the paternity of the woman’s daughter and did not pay any child support, it was reported.

A married BBC presenter allegedly fathered a lovable child with a stripper, it is alleged.  Pictured: A library photo of the BBC's headquarters in London

A married BBC presenter allegedly fathered a lovable child with a stripper, it is alleged. Pictured: A library photo of the BBC’s headquarters in London

She claims that a DNA test revealed that the timer was a family match for her daughter, but she “did not go so far as to match the father.” She suspects that he has another relative who helps him “cheat the score”.

The stripper, having signed a gag order, is not allowed to talk about her relationship with the star.

However, she claims that her daughter – who knows her father’s identity – is not covered by a non-disclosure agreement and that once she reaches the age of 16 she can contact him if she wishes.

The couple reportedly had an ejaculation for six months after they met at a nightclub.

He was working on a show in the area when I met him at a nightclub. I walked in and asked him to sign my shirt, the dancer told The Sun. The exact date and place of their first meeting have not been disclosed.

He smiled, grabbed the pen, and signed his famous logo on my breast.

Then he dialed my number and called me a few days later.

She claims that the couple met “about five or six times” over the course of the six months, and were frequenting “penthouse suites at all nice hotels”.

But, she said, everything changed after she “pregnated.”

The stripper recalls: “As soon as I told him he said he couldn’t have children, and he denied it was his.

“Then he blocked all my numbers, changed his number – and disappeared.”

The dancer reportedly called his lawyer and the announcer was ordered to take a paternity test.

Everything matches. They were able to say without any doubt that the father was close to the family. But it did not reach the extent of parental matching.

“It was a ridiculous situation – the suggestion is that instead of getting pregnant by him, maybe it’s his brother, or his father, or his uncle, or his grandfather.”

The dancer claims she and the prime-time announcer enjoyed a six-month fling before he 'banned all my numbers' (stock image)

The dancer claims she and the prime-time announcer enjoyed a six-month fling before he ‘banned all my numbers’ (stock image)

It alleges that the BBC presenter attended a DNA test along with a male relative, despite “strict rules” preventing doing so.

She claimed: “We have never been able to prove otherwise, but we believe that the male relative who was with him when he took the test helped him cheat the result.”

Due to the inconclusive paternity test result, the “Rich” star was not obligated to pay child support. He also ordered his ex-girlfriend to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

He insisted on signing a nondisclosure agreement that kept me from talking about it. I remembered that I didn’t get any money.

I left her, all on my own with not a penny of it. I was young and dumb and pregnant and terrified with my first child.

I did as I was told, smiled and signed what I needed to sign and then went my happy way. Fortunately, the non-disclosure agreement applies only to me, and does not cover my daughter.

“Under the terms of the NDA, she’s not allowed to try to call him or talk about him until she’s 16. But when the time comes, she’ll be able to do whatever the hell she wants.”

The woman also suspects that she’s not the only woman the star has allegedly silenced.

There are quite a few people who remain silent, because I know I wasn’t the only one he’d meet. “That’s what it is,” she said.

There are many of them abroad. He was desperate to keep me calm because he knew it wouldn’t look so good that he would carry some stripper.

The dancer added, “I have no regrets in life and I have my beautiful daughter from her.”

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