Married At First Sight UK: Pjay Finch defended after outburst of Jess Potter’s ‘rude’ mum

Married at first sight Jay and Jess

Jess initially took off at the revelation (Image: Channel 4)

Married At First Sight, Pjay Finch is quickly defended by UK fans after his new mother-in-law brutally interrogates him for his work as a stripper.

Pjay is matched with Jess Potter, and the pair quickly bond at the altar due to their shared love of Harry Potter.

Things also went smoothly when the dancer revealed he was the father of a five-year-old, but things took a bad turn when he revealed his job.

Pjay told Jess that he currently works as a stripper and more as part of the popular group Dreamboys, but his wife didn’t have any.

She left after saying she wanted to “go home” at the revelation and threatened not to go on her honeymoon.

However, her mother did not help calm the situation after she finally decided to return to the wedding, by criticizing PJ for his choice of profession.

Jess threatened to go home (Image: Channel 4)

Jess threatened to go home (Image: Channel 4)

mafs jess and her mom

Jess was comforted by her mother (Image: Channel Four)

I asked him, “Where do you want to be in five years and how are you going to get there?

Before full Pjay explained his job and how he was able to make good money, she added: ‘Set up your bloody life so that you can take care of my daughter because we’re going to hack’.

Fans described her as

Fans called her a “slut” (Image: Channel 4)

Pjay explained that he was able to make good money as a stripper (Image: Channel 4)

Pjay explained that he was able to make good money as a stripper (Image: Channel 4)

“Stripping is just a job now, and I’m ready to make changes,” he added, telling the couple he might be looking forward to returning to event management.

Fans quickly supported Pjay, calling out Jess’s mom for being a ‘rude’ and towards her new son-in-law just for being a stripper.

Someone wrote on Twitter: How rude is her mother? Absolutely off line. If that’s his job, he fucks all your work #MAFSUK,”

Jess’ mom quickly fell silent when Pjay mentioned that he made a lot of money #MAFS #MAFSUK, another pointed out.

Bejay married at first sight

Pjay told fans he would buy his new mother-in-law a lot of flowers (Image: Channel 4)

Another commented, while a viewer weighed in: “It’s funny how Jess and her mom’s opinions changed when PJ said the money was so good! #MAFSUK.

Some have also pointed out that Jess’s mother only seemed to know what her new son-in-law was up to because she had attended the Dreamboys Show in the past herself.

One fan shared: “Jess’s mom is disgusting… You’re happy to go watch a tape and enjoy watching strippers, but God forbid they marry your daughter? It suits you when it suits you right? Jog on. #MAFSUK.”

Another added: “So Jess’s mom is happy to get a Dreamboys ticket but doesn’t want her daughter to be near one of them, you pay him in love with #mafsuk.”

Jess—and her mother—begins to show up moments later after Pjay offers an honest explanation.

“I just jumped to conclusions and sometimes that’s what I do,” said the bride.

But will the couple’s romance blossom when they embark on their honeymoon together?

Married At First Sight UK continues tomorrow at 9pm on E4.

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