Love Island’s Ekin-Su blew up Gemma Owen in “cruel” scripts before entering a bomb

Love Island beauty Ekin-Su is believed to have criticized her fellow islanders before storming the villa after admitting that she doesn’t find any of the boys or girls “fit”

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Love Island: Amber and Ikin-soo’s Clash at First Sight

Love Island bomb Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu bombed her fellow stars before making their way to Villa Mallorca.

The 27-year-old actress and model stunned ITV viewers with her surprise entry one week after the show kicked off in early June after spending several days watching her fellow contestants cling to their new summer home.

Considering that Ekin-Su arrived later than her fellow contestants, this means that she was able to watch the show and make her own judgments on the girls and boys before arriving to meet them herself.

The Turkish beauty can also access her phone before ITV producers confiscate it days before entering the villa.

In leaked texts obtained from The Sun, Ekin-Su is reported to have attacked fellow islanders, claiming that there were no suitable girls in the villa.

Ekin-soo blew up her fellow contestants before entering the villa



She has also reportedly referred to Gemma Owen as her “little sister” due to the fact that she is “only 19 years old”.

Ekin-Su also claimed that none of the boys in the villa were “fit” either, despite her huddling with Davide when she first joined the villa.

Ekin-Su has been causing trouble since she first entered the villa.

Ekin-Su has been making trouble since she first entered the villa


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During Monday night’s explosive episode, fellow contestant Amber accused Ekin-Su of “enjoying the drama” after she admitted that she kissed Jay while she was still linked with Davide.

After Iken-soo and her new love interest Jae Young talk about her relationship with the other contestants in the villa, she goes to clear the air with Amber after he suggested that she doesn’t like Ikin-soo.

Then the two girls found themselves in a heated argument as Amber claimed that Iken-soo was not authentic.

The Turkish actress brought a lot of drama to the villa



“I feel like I’m upstairs, you’ve been really real and we’ve seen a weak side to you, but I’ll add, for the past couple of days I guess, ‘Are you playing a little game?'” Amber told Ikin-soo. “

The feud ended in tears as Ekin-soo told the girls that she felt as if they were “collected”.

*Love Island airs every day at 9pm on ITV2

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