Love Island fans predict a wild Ekin-Su scroll as Jay’s head turns amid an explosive conflict

Love Island fans think there is still something between Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu and Davide Sanclimenti as her relationship with Jay Younger hits rocks

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Love Island: David Antigone is used to harass Iken-su

Love Island fans have been anticipating an unexpected pipeline development for Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu after the ITV2 dating show sparked a heated row between her and Jay Younger.

A trailer for Thursday night’s episode showed the pair preparing to hit the rocks, after Jay admitted that he has feelings for Paige Thorne, who is linked to Jack O’Neill.

In a teaser clip, the couple is seen sitting next to a fire pit discussing their relationship before Eiken-soo stands up and shouts that he “deserves an Oscar.”

But Love Island fans now believe the change of spouses may have unexpected consequences after a moment between Ekin-Su and her ex-husband Davide Sanclimenti on Wednesday’s episode.

The Italian stallion is seen wrapping up the Turkish actress when she tells her that Jay has kissed a new Antigone bombshell during a picnic date, leaving Ekin-Su angry.

Jay admitted that he had feelings for Paige

When he returned to the villa along with Jay and Dami, David said to Ikin-soo, “You should have seen their kiss. So passionate.”

Then the bewildered Ekin-Su asked Antigone if they had really suffered and were relieved to hear that it was just a wind.

But the moment left many realizing that there was still something between Ekin-Su and Davide, with one writing: “I think David still loves Ekin-Su tbh. He’s a freak! She’s probably the first girl I ever robbed him.”

The second agreed, realizing that the duo could even be paired again, writing: “When the boys choose upon re-pairing, David will have to choose between Iken-soo and Danica.”

Ekin-soo stood up and shouted, “He deserves an Oscar.”

A third fan wrote: “David and Eiken will be back together…David said he can’t see her the same way again but ‘something could be’.”

Another commented, “I think David and Eiken-soo have sexual tension deep down, and this hate is a fake way of hiding their feelings that they themselves don’t yet understand.”

Another eagle-eyed fan tweeted: “David definitely misses Eiken lol and you guys think he hates her… he keeps looking for her attention.”

Another wrote, “Nah, David E, and Ekin-Soo are not over,” another wrote, “Watch Eiken and David get back together.”

“I think David and Eiken-soo have sexual tension with each other.”



Love Island fans received an exciting episode on Wednesday, in which new bombshell Antigoni entered the villa and made herself comfortable on one of the sun loungers in the garden.

The boys suddenly spot the newcomer sunbathing, with a bloody escape to break the news as the islanders head abroad to meet Antigone for the first time.

In the fire pit, the islanders were eager to know who Antigone had caught her eye when Luca jokingly asked if she was fantasizing about Jay.

“I’m going to meet everyone,” said Antigone. “I’m the kind of person who doesn’t know if I fancy someone until I have a good conversation with them.”

Speaking at Beach Hut, Jay said, “Seeing someone new at the villa for the first time is fantastic! She’s a really attractive girl and I’m looking forward to getting to know her.”

Love Island is broadcast every night at 9pm on ITV2 and ITV Hub.

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