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Love Island’s Laura Whitmore defends herself from ‘humiliation’ criticism

Laura Whitmore has been criticized by fans of Love Island.

On The Departure Show, Afterson, Laura Whitmore is presented by Remy Lambert.

Because of such a short time on Love Island, Remy did not have the opportunity to show who he really is, with the exception of free rap.

So in Aftersun, Whitmore asks Remy to do another one. The contestant was unable to think of one last line that would lead fans to criticize Laura.

One said, “Hope #LoveIsland supports Remy. He looked devastated on #Loveislandaftersun. His rap demand was done in bad faith and humiliation. I thought @theitmore & the crew were supposed to be “cute””

Laura defended herself though: “Remy is a rapper and asked up front in good faith if he would rap and bring something he did.”

She added, “Live Telly is getting on his nerves, believe me, so he may have been a little nervous but he was well worth his time. I also want to make Remy and Afia happen! “

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