Liz Truss fights for survival as even allies say she may only have days left | Liz Truss

Liz Truss is fighting for her political survival, with Conservative MPs threatening to oust her and even allies warning she has just days to turn around her prime ministership despite scrapping her economic strategy and appointing Jeremy Hunt as chancellor.

The beleaguered Prime Minister will try to shore up her crumbling support by rallying her Cabinet ministers at No 10 on Monday and then launching a series of meetings with rebel Tory MPs ahead of the next Budget in a fortnight.

After crisis talks at Checkers over their new financial plan on Sunday, Hunt insisted Truss was still “in charge” despite her increasingly perilous situation as he warned of further public spending cuts and failed to rule out more U-turns on her disastrous mini-budget, including scrapping the 1p cut to the basic rate of income tax.

Ministers will be anxiously waiting for markets to open – the first test of whether Truss’s decision to sack Kwasi Kwarteng as chancellor and tear up her mini-budget will be enough – amid fears the pound could slide towards parity with the dollar and rising bond yields. upward pressure on mortgage interest rates.

A poll by the Opinium for Trades Union Congress, which used the MRP method to estimate constituency-level results, predicted a 1997-style landslide for Labour, with the party winning 411 seats.

It suggests Conservatives would lose 219 seats to finish on 137, with the Lib Dems on 39 seats and the SNP on 37, with 10 cabinet ministers including Jeremy Hunt, Jacob Rees-Mogg and Thérèse Coffey losing their seats in a general election along with former prime ministers. Minister Boris Johnson.

Meanwhile, planning continued in Westminster with a group of senior Tory MPs, many of them supporters of Rishi Sunakplan to meet for dinner on Monday night amid speculation that as many as 100 letters of censure have been submitted to Sir Graham Brady, chairman of the backbench 1922 committee.

Veteran Tory MP Crispin Blunt was the first to publicly call for Truss to resign, saying he did not believe the prime minister could survive the current crisis. “I think the game is up and it’s now a question of how the legacy is managed,” he said.

The former minister, who was the first MP to call on Iain Duncan Smith to stand down as party leader back in May 2003, told Channel 4: “If there is such a weight of opinion in the parliamentary party that we have to have a change, then it will be implemented. Exactly how it is done and exactly under what mechanism … but it will happen.”

Another backbencher, Jamie Wallis, who entered parliament in 2019, broke the cover and joined the call for Truss to stand down, confirming to the Guardian that he had submitted a letter of no confidence.

“In recent weeks I have seen how the government has undermined Britain’s economic credibility and damaged our party beyond repair. Enough is enough. I have written to the Prime Minister to ask her to resign as she no longer has the confidence of this country,” said he.

As she tries to stave off open rebellion, Truss will this week continue her meetings with small groups of Tory backbenchers as she desperately tries to convince them to back her, while Hunt will hold a series of roundtables on the economy for MPs.

However, Downing Street insiders acknowledged that the Prime Minister’s position was extremely fragile. “Her decision to bring Jeremy on board buys us some time. The budget will look very different now. But we’re taking it one day at a time,” said one.

Another government insider suggested it would be “one hell of a gamble” for Tory MPs to try to oust the prime minister when there was no obvious successor to take over from her. But a leading rebel said: “I don’t see how Liz can survive. Jeremy is a good man but her credibility is below zero.”

The executive board of the 1922 committee will meet as usual on Wednesday with members expected to discuss the precariousness of the prime minister’s position. However, it is expected that the committee’s leaders will meet today. Sources close to Brady have suggested he would feel compelled to ask Truss to resign or face defeat in a vote.

The group’s treasurer, Geoffrey Clifton-Brown, told the BBC that the rules keeping Truss safely in office for a year could be dropped if enough Tory MPs back it. “Of course we have the power to change the rules,” he said.

However, he added that such a move would require the support of a significant number of Tory MPs. “We will only change the rules if it is very clear that a large majority, by which I mean probably 60% to 70%, of the party want the rules to be changed.”

The new chancellor, named after it sacking of Kwasi Kwarteng in a day of chaos on Friday, spent the weekend trying to provide assurances that the government had the economy under control.

Still, Hunt painted a bleak picture of what it would take to stabilize it after a turbulent few weeks in which the government scrapped plans to cut the 45p top rate of income tax and freeze corporation tax. He is also believed to be considering pushing back a year’s worth of plans to cut income tax by a penny next April.

“We will have to take some very difficult decisions, both on spending and tax,” he told the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg. “Expenditure is not going to go up as much as people hoped, and we’re actually going to have to ask every government agency to find more efficiencies than they had planned. Taxes aren’t going to come down as fast as people thought, and some taxes will go up.”

Treasury sources admitted that even defense spending, which Truss had promised to rise by 3% of GDP, and the health service would face cuts. The Office for Budget Responsibility is believed to have identified a black hole in the public finances of DKK 72 billion. pounds – even greater than the 62 billion pound, which was outlined by the Institute for Fiscal Studies last week.

Truss’s remaining allies hope that Hunt’s appointment and Truss’s dramatic U-turns on tax will give her enough time to get through to the October 31 Budget. Tory MPs are also struggling to rally around an obvious replacement.

Sunak, who came first among MPs in the leadership contest, remains the favourite, although Penny Mordaunt, who came third, is understood to be responsive to colleagues and Defense Secretary Ben Wallacepopular with Tory members but who did not stand last time, could also be a candidate for an effective Tory coronation.

Truss is starting her toughest week in power but faces speculation she could be gone by the end of it. “Many of my colleagues are facing annihilation at the next election and they may conclude that it is better to try and get rid of her now and spend the next 18 months rebuilding,” said one MP who supported Truss.

Robert Halfon, a senior Tory backbencher, warned that a general election would now be a “bloodbath” for his party. He said Truss should apologize to the British people for the “mess of the last few weeks”, warning “it has to happen quite soon, I can’t give you hours or days”.

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