Live Updates of Russia-Ukraine War: Fears of ‘large-scale offensive’ in Luhansk as Russia advances

Ukraine faces an increasingly bleak battle in the Luhansk region, with Ukrainian officials warning that Russia is mounting heavy military hardware.

full control of Severodonetsk city in Luhansk will win a major victory for Russia – and bring its troops closer to it Achieving the goal of Russian President Vladimir Putin to conquer the Donbass region.

On Monday, Ukrainian deputy Defense Minister Hanna Maliar said Moscow’s efforts to control the besieged city will likely intensify as Russian leaders set a Sunday deadline for its army to reach the Luhansk border. Ukrainian officials have warned that next week could bring with it some of the war’s most decisive battles.

Severodonetsk and the surrounding area were heavily bombed on Monday, which Luhansk called “just hell”. Regional Governor, Serhi Heidi. He said that Russian forces – equipped with enough weapons to launch a “large-scale offensive” in Severodonetsk – were able to capture Metelkin, a town on its outskirts. Early Tuesday, Haidayi, neighboring Lysichansk, said it witnessed widespread devastation after intense bombardment.

According to the latest assessment by the US-based Institute for the Study of War, Russia is expected to encircle the industrial division of Severodonetsk, including a chemical plant where Hedayi said hundreds of civilians are sheltering.

Here’s what else you need to know

  • Tensions rose in Europe after Russia threatened to retaliate against Lithuania for its move to restrict the transit of some goods.
  • Ukraine’s application for EU membership – along with those of the former Soviet republics Georgia and Moldova – will be discussed during this week’s European Council summit.
  • The Kremlin’s chief spokesman said Americans captured in Ukraine would not be covered by the Geneva Conventions to protect prisoners of war.

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