Lauren Poubert defeats the primary contender in District Three, Colorado

Representative Lauren Poubert defeated a Republican primary in Colorado’s 3rd district, defeating a Republican primary in the primaries.

State Republican Senator Don Corram has challenged Ms. Boebert despite her history of inflammatory statements and outlandish actions since defeating incumbent Rep. Scott Tipton in an initial challenge in 2020.

Poebert gained notoriety for being one of former President Donald Trump’s biggest worshipers in the House of Representatives, along with Representatives Marjorie Taylor Green of Georgia, Matt Gaetz of Florida and Madison Cawthorne of North Carolina.

Prior to the January 6 riot at the US Capitol, Ms. Poppert said “Today is 1776” and during the actual breach of the building, she tweeted that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had been removed from the hall.

In addition, Ms. Poipert was criticized after she joked that Representative Ilhan Omar had committed a terrorist attack that led to her receiving death threats.

Her victory comes a month after Cawthorne lost the Republican primary to Senator Chuck Edwards. But Republicans have not made a similar attempt to oust her, thanks in part to strong support from Trump.

Similarly, the US company Muckrackers PAC, which disclosed unfamiliar information about Mr. Cawthorne, has been promoting false rumors about Ms. Poibert having had multiple abortions and acting as an escort, which was debunked by CNN.

Recently, Ms. Poubert spoke at a rally in Illinois with Trump-supporting Rep. Mary Miller. She also spoke at a rally for President Trump in Wyoming in support of Harriet Hageman, who is running the Republican primary against incumbent Representative Liz Cheney.

Prior to the primaries, the Boebert campaign reported that between the beginning of April and June 8, it raised $623,585.30 but spent $781,777.32. At the same time, she also had $2 million in cash on hand.

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