Kanye West addresses anti-Semitic remarks and blames George Floyd’s death on fentanyl in new controversial interview

Oh, Kanye West

Almost a year after he first appeared on Drink Champs podcast, the 45-year-old rapper returned to the show on Sunday for a nearly 45-minute interview to discuss a variety of topics — including addressing his recent anti-Semitic remarks. As you know, Kanye has been on center of controversy over the past few weeks after donning a “White Lives Matters” shirt at Paris Fashion Week and makes more antisemitic comments, including threatening to go “to the death 3 against Jewish people.” While he has been put in the penalty box on Instagram and Twitter for these terrible remarks, he decided to continue spewing anti-Semitic tropes and conspiracies in the podcast interview.

The Yeezy fashion designer insisted in a long rant that he was not anti-Semitic as he is also Jewish “like the blood of Christ.” However, Ye went on to double down on his recent damaging comments, saying how Jewish people control the media and entertainment:

“It’s Jews who have owned the black voice. Either it’s through the fact that we wear the Ralph Lauren shirt, or it’s that we’re all signed to a record label, or that we have a Jewish manager, or that we’ve been signed to a Jewish basketball team, or that we’re making a movie on a Jewish platform like Disney. I respect what the Jewish people have done and how they brought their people together.”

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He even blamed “Jewish Zionists”. Kim Kardashian and her ex-boyfriend (“Skete”) Pete Davidson – whom he called “a heroin addict” – have sex in front of a fireplace in honor of his grandmother:

“Kim is a Christian. I saw on TMZ just yesterday that it said, ‘Pete Davidson and Kim had fireside sex to honor their grandmother.'” It’s Jewish Zionists about the life that this Christian woman tells, who have four black children, to present it as a message in the media.”

Kanye went on to say Dov Charneythat Los Angeles clothing founder who printed his “White Lives Matter” t-shirt wouldn’t release the shirts after Jesus goes artist tweeted “death con 3 on Jewish People.” And when Charney suggested Ye visit Holocaust museum to understand why his comments are so hurtful, the father of four told him to go to Planned Parenthood instead – “our Holocaust Museum.” Yes, he really said that…

He then discussed how he has become “accustomed to being cheated by the Jewish media”, claiming that he had arranged four concerts for Los Angeles So-Fi Stadium but it was canceled after his anti-Semitic tweet:

“They’ve been messing with me for too long. They’re putting out the crazy story. Paparazzi takes a picture of you, you don’t get any money out of it. You’re used to being ripped off by the Jewish media. And I say, you poked the bear too long time.”

And that’s not all. From there, Kanye referenced a point from a documentary Candace Owens (The Biggest Lie Ever Sold: George Floyd and the Rise of BLM), who suggested George Floyd was not killed by being suffocated by a police officer’s knee to the neck, but by fentanyl:

“I watched the George Floyd documentary that Candace Owens released. One of the things his two roommates said was they want a tall guy like me, and the day he died he said a prayer for eight minutes . They hit him with fentanyl. If you see, the guy’s knee wasn’t even on his neck like that.”

FYI, medical experts testified at the trial of Minnesota officer Derek Chavin that while George had some fentanyl in his system, he died from lack of oxygen caused by the knee on his neck. A coroner’s report also confirmed that his death was a homicide. This comment led him to compare George’s death to that of the late fashion designer Virgil Ablohwhich apparently suggests that he did not die of cancer:

“This white company Louis Vuitton is now making statues of him as a martyr and we don’t know exactly why [he died]They said it was cancer.”

After making all these controversial and horrible statements, he questioned whether this interview would run, saying “the Jewish media blocked me out” and repeating “I’m on” several times. Elsewhere, while shouting the Kardashians, Puff Daddyand Meek Molle, Kanye compared himself to “every Michael you can think of” in Hollywood. He then said, considering he is reportedly the richest black man in America:

“I want you to run up on me, I want you to come kill me, I want you to hit me, I want you to do all the shit you rap about… Or else shut up unless you were there when the Kardashians kidnapped my kids.”

Kanye later acknowledged his anti-Semitic tweet (and the typo), explaining that:

“Defcon is actually you preparing to protect yourself. Once they cancel four So-Fi stadiums because of what is classified as wrong-think… because it’s very important to have the black voice in groupthink, and not separate from the thought and be completely aligned with the left , the Jewish media and the Chinese . They have something to do with everything.”


To anyone who continues to defend Kanye, seriously, shame on you. It’s clear he doesn’t care to learn or even acknowledge how harmful and vile his words and actions are right now. You can watch the full interview (below):

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