Kam Ayala from Bachelor of the Nation undergoes leg amputation surgery

Bachelor of Nation Cam Ayala He faces life’s challenges with a smile on his face.

Cam, who appeared in the fifteenth season of The bachelorette And the sixth season of Bachelor in Heaven In 2019, his right leg was recently amputated after a long-term struggle with lymphedema, a chronic disease that results in fluid buildup in soft tissues and causes swelling in the arms and legs.

Cam shared photos and videos after the surgery in an Instagram post on June 24, one of which showed a camera walking the hallways of Texas Medical Center with the help of a walker. A friend was heard cheering on Cam from behind the camera saying, “Great job, man.”

The Instagram post captioned: “Gotta lotta BROMENTUM with @b.rapp #amputee #CAMputee #FAITHoverFEAR”

Earlier this month, Cam teamed up with the Academy Award winner Kathy Bateswho also suffers from lymphedema, to raise awareness about the condition and open up about his choice to undergo an amputation.

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