Justin Timberlake walks into a viral dance video

Justin Timberlake wishes he could ‘take back the night’ when he tried to perform the Beat Ya Feet in Washington, DC

The singer took to Instagram on Wednesday to jokingly apologize to his fans for his uncoordinated moves that have since surfaced on social media.

“DC, I want to apologize to you for two reasons,” the singer said as he flashed the camera toward his feet. “Here and here! I spoke at length to both of them, separately, and said “Don’t you do that to me again.”

“Maybe it was the khaki, it was a real khaki atmosphere. But I will do this for you. I will focus on these two guys here, and I will get them right,” he said, pointing to his feet.

The singer concluded the hilarious message by telling his 62.5 million fans that he loves them.

Timberlake looked relaxed in the video, wearing navy joggers, a white T-shirt and silver chains.

Justin Timberlake's Apology Video.
Timberlake flashed the camera at his feet, saying he spoke with each foot “individually” about the lack of coordination.
Instagram / Justin Timberlake

After his apology, the 41-year-old retweeted multiple videos of fans making fun of the singer’s embarrassing moves from the Something in the Water Music Festival. After his performance on Saturday night, the “The Social Network” actor came under fire on social media with fans claiming that his performance of the DC folk dance sounded more like a “hokey pokey” than a common move.

Justin Timberlake dancing
Fans claimed he had “no booty left” after trying to dance DC.
tik tok

Fortunately, Timberlake has been able to laugh at himself after the criticism and work on getting that three step — especially if he plans to fill in for Hugh Jackman on Broadway this year.

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