“I’ve been through it too”

McEnroe, 63, is no stranger to the glare as a player and said he could handle the pressure Radocano came under during her surprise appearance at Wimbledon last summer.

Ahead of the British tennis star’s return on Monday, he likened the moment to his decision to skip the 1986 and 1987 tournament – in part due to his mental health: “I try to be as honest as possible.” [in commentary]I will keep trying to do that. Sports have given me a lot and I try…to give free advice if they are willing to hear it. I went through things [as a player]Sometimes I was overwhelmed.

“I haven’t played Wimbledon for two years. It felt like it was too much for me. We don’t sit around and discuss that much. Do I wish I had done that now? No, I wish I could play somehow. I gave up two chances to play…Maybe it was Some of it was stubbornness, some of it might have been stupidity, but some of it was because he felt it was too much.”

McEnroe also commented on how it feels to cover next week’s Wimbledon without a six-time major champion and fellow critics Boris Becker by his side.

“It’s a farce any way you look at it.”

Becker was sentenced to two years and nine months in prison in April for hiding assets and loans worth £2.5m to avoid paying debts. Last month, he was transferred to HMB Hanercombe in Oxfordshire and McEnroe said he hopes to visit.

“Boris is a friend of mine, that’s just horrible,” McEnroe said. “I don’t know where he is. I think they moved him somewhere, I want to see him if I can, if he wants to see people or he can. I feel awful.

“He’s one of the great players who’s ever played the game. He’s been through a lot for a long time. He kept telling me he’s going to be fine, you know, he’s in control. That’s Boris, he’s been so confident in himself. A player on the field. But at some Sometimes you’re not necessarily a great investor, you don’t care about your money off the field either… but I don’t know if any of us honestly expect it to get to that point. It’s a farce any way you look at it.”

John McEnroe is part of the BBC Wimbledon 2022 squad. Watch all the action on BBC TV, Radio and online from Monday 27 June

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