ITV Corrie The story of Audrey’s dark alcoholism after Sue Nicholls previously dismissed the character’s drinking problem plot

There was horror on cobbled Coronation Street as Audrey Roberts became trapped under a motorbike after her drinking got out of hand. Audrey, played by Sue Nichols, is staying with her daughter Jill and her family after having cataract surgery.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that Audrey has a drinking problem after she reaches for the bottle at all opportunities and refuses to listen to the concerns of her nearest and dearest. Audrey is known to have a glorification or two in Rovers, but the hairstylist hit rock bottom on Wednesday night (June 22) episode.

Rita Tanner found her friend enjoying her first drink of the day at Rovers Return, noted that she owns the Trim Up North barbershop where her grandson David works, and suggested it was time to get back to Audrey’s business. David despaired as in the saloon where his Grant opened the booze and flirted with Ryan Connor who was in a state of cut.

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David assured it was time to go home, but when she headed for her coat, she went sprawling on the floor. After a drunken Audrey fires David and fellow stylist Kelly Nylan, she is found playing table football with Ryan by salon manager Maria Connor.

As Maria insisted on going home, Audrey refused to kick her out, too. At its end, her daughter Gale tries to speak to Audrey with some logic, but when she brings up the topic of her drinking again, Audrey hits the ceiling and announces that she is going home with immediate effect.

Audrey flirting with Ryan

The family got together to discuss Audrey’s defiant drinking and decided there was something to be done about it, with Sarah’s granddaughter saying she would request the recovery of alcoholic Peter Barlow to help him. Meanwhile at the barbers, Audrey staggered into an ornate motorcycle that fell and trapped her underneath as she screamed for help.

“Am I or this family in rock bottom?” David asked. @Dan240993 on Twitter: “Audrey is out of control..” @penniless_poet wrote: “Audrey: ‘Do you call me David an alcoholic? – I love Audrey – we all call you an alcoholic!

Back in 2018, Cory legend Sue, who has played Audrey since 1979, said she turned down a story given to her by soap industry bosses that would have seen her lovable character develop into a loneliness-induced drinking problem — and Sue wasn’t happy about it. The idea.

She did not agree that this would happen and protested that she did not want to play the role of the “drunken miserable little thing”. She told us at the time: ‘There was something he gave me, years and years ago, maybe Audrey’s story was that she was home and she was going home drinking too much and Jill would come in and say ‘Mom are you lonely?’ “I tried to take it back to them and say I don’t really want to play this miserable drunk little thing,” she added.

On Friday, Audrey lay motionless in the barber who had been there all night. Bystander Brian Packham and Elaine Jones hear a faint shriek coming from within.

As Brian races to get help, Stephen Reed, Audrey’s son, gets out of a cab and breaks the door, which is slammed to find his mother barely conscious.

Meanwhile, the Platts calls a family meeting to discuss Audrey’s drinking problem with Peter. While they discuss Peter’s advice, Brian interrupts the news that an ambulance is outside for Audrey, who is in poor shape.

Audrey trapped

Stephen is angry with the family for failing to notice that Audrey has been missing all night. As he leaves for the hospital in the ambulance with Audrey, Jill feels guilt and anxiety.

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