It’s cherry blossom season and the pictures are great

The cherry trees in Washington, D.C. attract tourists with their blossoms each spring. Cherry trees were a gift from Japan in 1912 as a symbol of friendship and are now Approximately Famous as the flowers in the country of origin. Upon receipt of the cherry trees, the United States under President William Howard Taft responded by sending flowering dogwoods.

Cherry trees have become a staple on the capital’s skyline and a symbol of the relationship between Japan and the United States. But in the days following the attack on Pearl Harbor, some of the capital’s tree limbs were smashed in retaliation. According to the National Park Service, in the 1980s there was a flood in Japan that destroyed many of this variety of cherry trees, but Japanese gardeners were able to recover some of the lost trees using hundreds of cuttings from Washington, D.C. trees.

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