Isabel Roloff shares feelings of isolation: It is very lonely

Small people, big world fans have all seen Isobel Roloff’s strength as she fighting social media trolls.

But being strong is not the same as being invulnerable.

Like many parents before her, Isabel has felt a sense of bleak isolation during her journey as a new parent.

It’s normal, but that doesn’t make it any easier. Isabel wants other parents to know that they are not alone.

Isabel Roloff is breastfeeding

On Sunday, October 9, Isabel Roloff took to Instagram to update her story.

She shared a glimpse of herself holding her baby, Mateo, while still maintaining a boundary of not using her son’s face to play.

In fact, Isabel didn’t even share her own face in the photo. Sometimes the easiest edit is a crop.

“Remember, people go through so much more in their lives than they might show,” she advised.

“Try to be kind,” Isabel invited.

It’s true — and this time of year, with so many major holidays on the horizon, it is double important to remember. But we think she talks about this time in her life in a different way.

Isabel had more to say in a public post and a longer caption.

“This season of life is busy. Really busy,” she noted.

“It’s lonely too,” Isabel admitted. “Really lonely.”

Isabel Roloff has shared her post-baby body with fans. In some pictures, scars. This one is more of a thirst trap.

“People don’t talk about that part of it,” Isabel wrote.

“Everyone talks about how fast it all goes,” she noted, apparently referring to new motherhood.

“And they’re right,” Isabel added.

Isabel Roloff hugs son
Isabel Roloff hugs her son close in this photo of the occasional reality star and little Mateo.

“Just trying to take it all in, not miss a thing,” Isabel confirmed.

She pointed out that she has to do it “while figuring out who I am in the middle of it all.”

It’s all a challenge. Although Isabel was not a young woman in her mid-twenties, becoming a parent can bring about numerous changes. People redefine themselves.

Isabel Roloff header pruning January 3, 2022

Isabel also chose to share a quote with her fans and followers.

“‘A woman walked up and sat next to me. She said, ‘Thanks for sharing. I relate,'” it began.

The quote continued: “‘I just wanted to tell you something that somebody told me in the beginning.’

Isabel Roloff
Photo via Instagram

“‘It’s okay to feel all the things you feel,'” the woman affirmed in the quote.

“‘You’re just becoming human again,'” the quote assured. It continued: “‘You don’t do life wrong; you do it right'”

The quote continued: “‘If there’s one secret you’re missing, it’s that it’s really hard to get it right, but that’s what they’re for.’

Isabel Roloff on her gram
Isabel Roloff is all smiles in this beautiful photo of the former reality star. We are big fans of her.

“‘Emotions are for feeling. All of them. Even the hard ones,'” assured the quote shared by Isabel.

The quote concluded: “‘The secret is to do it right, and sometimes it hurts to do it right.’ Glennon Doyle.”

It sounds like good advice in many situations. But it also sounds aimed at new parents – just like Isabel.

Isabel Rock photo
Photo via Instagram

Isabel and Jacob Roloff welcomed Mateo in late 2021.

He (well, his parents) will celebrate his first birthday within the next two months.

Becoming a first-time parent is rarely easy. Jacob and Isabel have extra challenges, like their public status, family drama and having a newborn during a pandemic.

Jacob Roloff, Isabel Rock and Isabel's cheeks
Isabel Rock shared this photo of her and fiance Jacob Roloff. She talked about self-esteem, her supportive future husband and her body image issues related to her cheeks.

Isabel’s followers offered numerous comments filled with sympathy and encouragement.

Others had felt the same way with their newborns, including at least one fan who went through the same thing with twins. Some felt this sense of isolation even during pregnancy.

A new parent’s primary responsibility is of course childcare, but it is normal for people to want more adult company than parenthood realistically allows. But Mateo won’t be a baby forever.

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