Insulting is a skill and the 29 people have mastered it, as shared on the “Rare Insults” Twitter page.

In the old days, before the start of the battle, specially trained warriors went out into the field among the armies. Their main task was to offend outstanding leaders and heroes of the enemy. At the same time, the mark of high quality was not just calling the enemy commander an idiot, but completely killing him with an amazing phrase that outwardly didn’t sound like an insult at all, but at the same time it was incredibly offensive.

This is the old rap battle. Today, this noble and elegant art seems irretrievably lost, but real diamonds are found periodically – in some tweets, comments on YouTube, TikTok, etc., and it turns out that there are people who collect this verbal jewelry.

Recently, a private twitter account He appeared, entirely devoted to the truly rare and unique insults. It’s actually called “rare insults”. In just two months of its existence, the page has already gained 405.8 thousand followers, which is not surprising – in some places there are real masterpieces of aggressive, brutal and elegant art.

Bored of the panda I collected a selection of the best and most interesting insults from this account, so be sure to scroll to the end and of course comment. By the way, we promise not to be offended if any of your comments turn out to be an insult as rare as all of our selection items.

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