Inside Ayia Napa’s ‘Outlaw’ Where Young Revelers Go ‘Too Wild’

On the streets in the wee hours, teenagers seem to be inhaling potentially deadly laughing gas, which is illegal but easily sold in and out of clubs, and whisper in the strip bar that the women inside are offering sex too

Friends take care of their drunk colleagues on the street
Friends take care of their drunk colleagues on the street

A British girl of about 20 lies unconscious on a stretcher while paramedics handle her and her worried friends watch over her.

She was then carried away in an ambulance in the early hours after drinking heavily in the notorious party town of Ayia Napa in Cyprus.

Another girl is apparently lying unconscious on a road in the resort’s clubbing area.

Nearby, a young boy repeatedly hits his head against a banner before his friend helps him.

Just a two-minute walk away is the Pambos Napa Rocks Hotel, where a 19-year-old English girl was allegedly gang-raped by 12 Israeli men in 2019.

Cypriot police arrested the twelve men, but then released them and allowed them to go home, while the woman, from Derbyshire, was accused of lying.

The males, aged between 15 and 22, allegedly filmed the attack on their phones.

“Ayia Napa has really gotten worse since that case. This year so far is the worst I’ve seen in 20 years,” said resort taxi driver Angel Petteri, 42.

Pambos Napa Rocks is fully open again after Covid and thousands are flocking to the wild pool parties all day on Thursday.

On the streets in the wee hours, teenagers seem to be inhaling potentially deadly laughing gas, which is illegal but easily sold in and out of clubs, and whisper that the women inside are offering sex too.

British guy on the sidewalk


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Cheap drink deals are advertised everywhere along Bar Street and the Square where bars and clubs stay open all night.

Authorities are renaming the city and “Respect Ayia Napa” signs are everywhere. This month, the municipality of Ayia Napa unveiled a new code of ethics in an effort to transform the resort.

But nothing seems to have changed since the July 2019 attack.

After the girl reported this, she was wrongly convicted of making it up. She won an appeal this year after it was found that police coerced her while questioning her for six hours without a lawyer.

A young woman lies unconscious while being treated by paramedics


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The case was submitted last week to the European Court of Human Rights in an attempt to reinvestigate the Cypriot authorities. The Israelis were not charged and were not allowed to return home.

The police are rarely seen in the party district, and it has fallen to the taxi drivers to ensure the safety of young women who drive back to their hotels on their own.

Young men are often seen lurking in the shadows, we are told, and set out to pursue them.

“Immediately advise the young lady if she is OK and if she knows where she is going, the person following her will stop,” Angel said.

He worked at the resort for 26 years, 21 as a taxi driver and five in bars and security.

He said, “This is out of law. The level of drinking, fighting, safety.

Locals say it’s the most chaotic they’ve seen in 20 years


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Sometimes these guys are like animals.

“But where are the police? We act like security most of the time. There is fighting and violence and people destroying things.”

When asked about the campaign to clean up the city, he said, “It’s bulls***. Just take one look at what’s going on there on the tape.”

Nitrous oxide – laughing gas – inhaled from balloons is illegal.

But the streets at night are filled with revelers who seem to be taking drugs freely. There is even a balloon booth that sells balloons for 3€ each.

In the clubs, women walk around with plastic containers attached to balloons, showing them to the already drunk youngsters.

Nitrous oxide, which gives a short spike, has been linked to 56 deaths between 2001 and 2020 in the UK, and is subject to government review.

Like 19-year-old Louis Bauer QC who was attacked by 12 men in 2019. The lawyer said: “Those who one would expect to have learned their lesson did not react in a positive way to enact changes that were so desperately needed.

“It is quite clear that the treatment of young girls has not changed as the chaos continues and these young girls are not protected on vacation in areas like Ayia Napa.”

Scenes in Ayia Napa where cheap drinks are advertised


Humphrey Neymar)

There is no doubt that British teenagers are still the target of the lure of cheap drinks and resort sex.

Cars drive around Bar Street in an attempt to entice youngsters to dance at their associated club.

Outside, one of the males tries to bring in the punters, quietly saying that they offer striptease and oral and full sex.

In pubs, revelers can fill themselves with cheap wine, with deals as cheap as €12 for a free one-hour bar or just £25 for 12 spirits and mixers.

London-born Dassos Batesias, 61, has worked in resort taxis for 40 years.

“I think it has to be post-Covid, these kids are going wild and that’s dangerous,” he said.

“A lot of English don’t respect anyone. Every night, you’re going to take someone in a cab asking where they can get cocaine or weed. You worry about these kids.”

“The council does nothing. I’ve never seen anything like that before.”

A spokesperson for the Ayia Napa municipality said: “Lots of tourists travel to Agia Napa. The promotion for the launch of “Enjoy, Respect Ayia Napa” started just a few weeks ago and needs time to be carried out.

“We have had discussions with the police, and from July 1, the resort will be patrolled by increasing numbers of officers on the main streets, the cosmopolitan area, and the entire resort area. The safety of tourists is a top priority in the municipality.”

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