I’m a “miserable house” and I love it – here are the hardest parts of what I have to do to keep the picture

A woman has coined a new term for the progressive woman who also has “housewife tendencies” — and people are obsessed.

TikToker said that by being a “miserable housewife,” you can be a material wife without sacrificing your sexuality and machinations.

A woman coined a new term for those who have


A woman coined a new term for those with “housewife tendencies” but don’t let the term define them.Credit: TikTok / @kittieharloe
The TikToker said a 'miserable home' is someone who can be a material wife without sacrificing their sexuality or machinations.


The TikToker said a ‘miserable home’ is someone who can be a material wife without sacrificing their sexuality or machinations.Credit: TikTok / @kittieharloe

“So you want to be a miserable house,” user Kittieharloe said in a video to her 200,000 followers.

The fashion pioneer said that she coined the term to ridicule herself because she is not a wife but does enjoy some aspects of home life.

I read a definition of the term “floozy” saying that it describes a woman who has multiple sexual partners and dresses in a provocative way.

“I’ve been interrogated with the same guy for five years, but I like that definition. And I like being sexy is part of it,” Kitiharlo said.

In order to be a homebrew, “you never have to be the most interesting person in the room,” she said.

“And you never have to be the most together person.”

Instead, she said, you can achieve a miserable home situation, “if you can brush up on some interesting facts about wine, hone your personal style, or just happen to spend money on nice things and keep up.”

“I hope these things will help you move through the world in a more self-confident and empowered way,” Kittieharloe said.

She also said that the new definition is for anyone regardless of gender.

“If you want to be fun, sexy, cultured, and somewhat homely, you might be a miserable housewife like me.”

TikTok users were obsessed with the new phrase and gave their favorite examples of what it meant to them.

“I’m so glad I found this series by the time I finished watching The Nanny with Fran Drescher from the ’80s. One person commented.

The original poster replied: “Compliment, love it to death.”

Another person said, “I love this concept and look forward to all of your content!”

“Rotten House is so perfect, I appreciate that you’re trying to be thorough.”

Another person said, “I live in a miserable house.”

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“I have no shame in it. I’m a bit local from time to time. I’ve never wanted a job.”

Kittieharloe has done several “hacky at-home tutorials” to follow as she discusses how she travels, the products she excels at, and the fashions to wear around the house.

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