Illinois, Colorado, and New York hold their first elections since Rowe’s overthrow

Eight states hold primaries Or the run-off election on Tuesday, the first election since The Supreme Court overturned The historical case Roe v. Wade.

In Colorado’s Third House, CBS News predicted Representative Lauren Poubert to win the Republican primary. Boebert, the controversial conservative new member of Congress, has won the endorsement of former President Donald Trump.

Trump has been looming over the race to be Colorado’s top election official. The current Secretary of State, Gina Griswold, a Democrat, faced no opposition in her primaries. CBS predicted that Pam Anderson would win the Republican nomination for Secretary of State in Colorado.

Anderson faced Republican challengers: Mike O’Donnell and Tina Peters. When asked by the Colorado Sun if the 2020 election was “stolen,” Peters answered yes.

“This is a personal opinion based on the evidence I’ve seen and experienced and based on what I know from our reports. I think there may have been enough fraud to overturn the election,” she told the newspaper.

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In Colorado’s 3rd District, Don Corram (top left) challenges Lauren Poubert (top right). In Illinois’ 15th District, Representative Rodney Davis challenges Representative Mary Miller.

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Peters was indicted earlier this year in a security breach of the election system in her county. A judge also barred her from overseeing the 2022 elections in Mesa County in part because of the breach,

One of her opponents, Mike O’Donnell, told the Colorado Sun he couldn’t “say yes or no” to asking if the 2020 election was stolen. Anderson, a former Jefferson County clerk and recorder and former executive director of the Colorado County Clerks’ Association, was the only Republican candidate to answer in the negative.

In Illinois, redistricting has spawned some of the existing races as opposed to the current races. In Illinois’ Sixth District, Representative Sean Kasten, whose teenage daughter died earlier this month, is facing a primary challenge from Representative Mary Newman. Both represent only parts of the newly painted 6th District, which is considered completely blue.

In Illinois’ 15th District, Rep. Mary Miller has Trump’s support in the race against another Rep. Rodney Davis. Davis, who was one of 35 Republicans to vote to create a commission to investigate the January 6 attack.

Over the weekend, Miller said at a rally — surrounded by Trump — that the decision to bring down Rowe was “a victory for white lives by the Supreme Court.” Her campaign said she misread the prepared notes.

In the governor’s race, CBS predicted that incumbent Governor J.B. Pritzker would win the Democratic primary.

In the Republican primary, CBS News predicted that Illinois Darren Bailey defeated Aurora Mayor Richard Irvine, who was funded by $50 million from Republican giant Ken Griffin. Griffin said he wouldn’t support the Republican candidate if he wasn’t Irvine and criticized Democratic groups for their overseas spending to promote Bailey. “The unprecedented tens of millions of dollars that Pritzker and National Democrats spent in the Republican primary to avoid facing Richard in the general election showed he was the right candidate,” Griffin said in a statement. “He was mistaken in his estimation that he could easily defeat an opponent he had paid tens of millions of dollars to confront.”

In New York, CBS News predicts New York Gov. Kathy Hochhol will win the Democratic nomination for governor. She had two primary contenders: Representative Tom Suzzi of Long Island and New York City Attorney General Juman Williams.

Republican Representative Lee Zelden, of eastern Long Island, has long been considered the front-runner in the Republican race. He faces three contenders, Rob Astrorino, Harry Wilson and Andrew Giuliani, son of Trump ally Rudy Giuliani. He did not endorse Trump in the race.

In Utah, Republican Senator Mike Lee, one of Trump’s closest allies, faces two main rivals, former state legislator Becky Edwards and businesswoman Allie Isom. According to the Associated Press, neither of them voted for Trump.

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