‘I Won’t Be Back’ Monty Dunn bids a sad farewell before the world of gardeners is pulled off the air | Celebrity news | Showbiz and TV

Monty Donne, who was busy photographing during the UK’s little heatwave, told his followers that the world of gardeners was about to take off all of a sudden. Through the social media platform yesterday evening, he shared the sad news, writing: “End of two (hot) days of filming for next week GW (1.7.22).

“It’s the Hampton Court Flower Show the week after that and after that we stopped broadcasting for some reason so we won’t be back in Longmeadow until July 22nd.

“So go every summer when the garden is at its best.”

Longmeadow is a two-acre stretch of land that was once a deserted field covered in the rubble of builders.

Monti purchased the land in 1991 and has since transformed it into a lush gardener’s haven.

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Fans responded with disappointment to Monty’s update on Twitter, with many even saying the Longmeadow special should be shown in its place.

@sassyhome replied: “@TheMontyDon Well you just have to show it to us here and on Instagram. I hope you have a vacation somewhere there too.”

@ScottMunro604 replied: “We’ll be looking forward to photos of your garden in the height of summer here and on Instagram!”

“Hop on your phone, record a clip, and upload it to Twitter. That way, we can see the park in all its glory and the video can be short and sweet,” AnnRudbeck said.

The Gardeners’ World Instagram page started 13 years after the show’s Twitter profile.

“Now, good news because the world of gardening is now on Instagram,” Monty said, addressing followers in a video with fellow presenter Rachel D. Thamie, earlier this week.

“Finally, finally. Yes?” “Well, it’s time, we have to say,” said Rachel, to which Monty replied.

But the presenter added, “But that means some changes, doesn’t it?”

Yes, Rachel said. “I think that means you see what we do behind the scenes and how it all works.”

“And sometimes, weird advice might come your way too,” Monty quipped. “So let’s go now.”

The Instagram page has already amassed thousands of followers since Monty’s announcement and four behind-the-scenes posts have been made so far.

Green-toed fans were quick to comment on the Instagram account after the exciting news.

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