How Penn State Football Can Use Recruitment To Keep Up With Ohio

If the Penn State Football team wants to compete in the Big Ten, they need to be able to recruit at a high level.

You may have noticed, but Ohio State football recruiting is very, very good.

Last week, the Buckeyes had three wide receivers that were all ranked in the top 50 at 247 Sports Composite. Ohio has easily become the obvious answer to who the WRU is.

Although not just a wide receiver, the Buckeyes recruit well in important positions like midfield and defensive line. This recruit helped Ohio State defeat the Nittany Lions on the field the last five times they played.

The matches were mostly competitive, with the exception of the Empty Stadium match of 2020. You can see that the Nittany Lions came close to being Ohio State level on the field, they just lost a few pieces.

Nittany Lions hasn’t gone back on the enlistment path lately. They finished the 2022 class at number 6 in the national rankings and are currently ranked number 5 in 2023.

While that’s great, here are the situations Pennsylvania needs to recruit at a high level to face Ohio’s star-studded crime.

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