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It’s hard to believe it’s been 20 years since Steven Spielberg brought dinosaurs back to life in his blockbuster hit, Jurassic Park. Since then, the film has spawned two consecutive series, but now another series of films is upon us. The latest Jurassic World Dominion movie, it broke records at the opening weekend box office, grossing $198 million domestically in its first three days and over $1 billion worldwide since its June 12 release.

Jurassic Park prevails in the masses

It’s hard to blame Universal Studios for wanting more. After all, they’ve made over $3 billion from just four movies in 25 years, but it also doesn’t have to be too big. Bigger sets, bigger dinosaurs, and bigger box office numbers don’t necessarily mean a better movie, and there comes a point where you have to wonder how long Jurassic Park could last? And why does Hollywood always have to be bigger? The original Jurassic Park stands tall as one of the best sci-fi movies ever made, and the sequel wasn’t flabby either. In fact, many fans consider both of them to be Spielberg’s best films. So why do studios keep trying to make these movies bigger? We already know that people love dinosaurs and would pay to see them on screen. It’s proven time and time again with every new King Kong or Godzilla movie released in theaters, but we’ve seen enough now.

Biggest Jurassic movie ever

Jurassic World is a relatively large movie, with a cast of characters spanning two generations and multiple subplots, both seemingly setting up future installments. Compared to its predecessors, Jurassic World boasts an additional 11 minutes of runtime and several new characters – like Lowery Cruthers, Irrfan Khan’s Simon Masrani, BD Wong’s Dr. Henry Wu – all of whom are likely to appear in future installments as well. All of these factors combine to make Jurassic World one of the biggest films of all time, especially considering it only came out for a few days. How Long Can Universal Sustain Success?: However, some fans may wonder how long Universal can maintain such success for its franchise.

Darth Vader effect

Why expansion? Because we demand it, and we have been demanding it since Darth Vader unveiled Luke Skywalker’s paternity in 1980. The move had sequels, such as The Temple of Doom (1984) and The Dark Knight (2008), that sought to follow the success of Empire Strikes Back . But there have been successes and failures. However, our fan base, our conversations on social media, and especially our willingness to spend our money (we want bigger, taller, chase more), all send a message to producers that we want more: more time, more characters, more set pieces, and higher risks.

Delicate balance disaffected fans

On the other hand, audiences are eager to relate to the feeling they had when they first saw the movie. Creating this balance has proven difficult. Unfortunately, that could be the fate of sequels like Jurassic World and The Force Awakens, which some find too similar to the original films, or Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, which are criticized for departing too much from the film. Franchise business. I may be on my own, but there seems to be a push lately to look back, as in Jurassic World Dominion and The Rise of Skywalker, films that have left many fans indignant.

Top Gun hit the box office and did the opposite

Among the factors that have made Top Gun: Maverick a hit since it premiered on Memorial Day weekend, is that it’s not Top Gun 5. The old favorite Hollywood movie direction has been largely laid back in the past two decades since Tom collaborated Cruz last joined forces with Tony Scott for a live action movie from ‘Top Gun’ in 1986. Although I feel like we have a movie that has some creativity and staying power with the direction of Joseph Kosinski and Tom Cruise solidifying things in what is likely to be the latter an adventure. On the big screen of the icon. Unfortunately, there is no new movie in the Mission: Impossible series. But Maverick can break free from the expectations of Top Gun. He avoids this nostalgia by offering his own nostalgia so he can beat the original without undoing the franchise. And doing all of that while still making an entertaining movie. This is impressive.

The original is always the masterpiece

Jurassic Park is the work of sheer cinematic genius, but for future installments to succeed, we need to know that the original can’t be matched. For some, this means invoking the time of death on the franchise. However, they have shown us that making a supplement doesn’t have to be pointless. We might end up with more bad sequels that remind us of what we started with, but who knows, maybe on the flip side, there’s something as beautiful or grand as what inspired Crichton and Spielberg to start with. This is more of a legacy than most franchisees can hope for.

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