GB News: Boris Johnson criticized as ‘vote loser’ after Tory defeat in election | United Kingdom | News

Johnson’s party lost Tiverton and Honiton’s Devon seat to the Liberal Democrats, and Wakefield to Labour. The by-election took place against a backdrop of public anger over the breaking of the Covid law in Downing Street, along with concerns about rising costs and pressure on wages.

The Conservatives also suffered a loss in West Yorkshire as Labor took a 12.7% swing to retake Wakefield constituency with 4,925 votes.

Speaking to GB News, Nelson claimed that the responsibility for the current loss in the by-election must be borne by Mr. Johnson.

He said: “It’s largely Boris Johnson’s responsibility and I think the real problem with this by-election is that there isn’t much now ‘Boris Johnson has been fined for breaching the lockdown’, what we’re seeing now is a complete loss of confidence among voters.

Where the Conservative Party once considered Boris Johnson the winner of the vote, it now looks like a loser in the vote.

Once he reaches that stage, they ask themselves, “What’s the point of keeping him?”

On Friday, Johnson admitted the by-election results were not “great” but vowed to continue.

Mr Johnson said he would “listen and learn” and focus on “serving the people of this country”.

The defeats prompted Conservative Party chief Oliver Dowden to resign, saying: “We can’t go on with business as usual”.

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Other cabinet ministers gathered around the Prime Minister, who is currently in Rwanda for a meeting of Commonwealth Government leaders.

Responding to questions at a press conference in Kigali, Mr Johnson said Mr Dowden had done “a lot of good work” but added: “Honestly, I don’t think the way forward is to focus on personal issues, whether it’s mine or not.”

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