Ex-Conservative Party chief says it would be a ‘disaster’ if Boris Johnson wins next election

Former Conservative Party chairman Lord Patten said a victory for Boris Johnson in the upcoming general election would be a “disaster”.

The party member, who served under both Margaret Thatcher and John Major, also warned that the United Kingdom could secede if the prime minister remained 10th.

In his LBC appearance, he said Johnson was leading an “Anglo-nationalist” government, not a Conservative government.

He added: “For me the Conservatives, unless they change very drastically, winning the next election would be a disaster for them and the rest of us because I don’t think we have a Conservative government right now… you can’t be trusted.

Lord Patten, who was also the last British governor of Hong Kong, said a second term for the prime minister would “accelerate the disintegration of the Union” due to his treatment of Northern Ireland and his unpopularity in Scotland.

He said: “You want to break up the Union, you send Boris Johnson to Scotland.”

The veteran politician added: “I think it’s potentially a threat given the way the Northern Ireland Protocol is being played, the horrific, quick and horrific play on this country’s most important peace agreement in years over Northern Ireland.

“I think we’re talking about the potential for the union to break up in those circumstances.”

Asked what outcome he would like to see after the upcoming elections, Lord Patten said he would “likely to see a coalition that holds the union together”.

This is not the first time that the strong rest have made clear their dissatisfaction with the prime minister.

In February, he called it a “moral void” and is now on his “last job” as prime minister.

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