Dune subreddit group bans AI-generated art for being ‘low stakes’ | Dune

In the world of Frank Herbert Duneled the “Butlerian Jihad” to the destruction of “thinking machines” across the known universe and the birth of a civilization focused on improving human intellect.

In the online community of the subreddit of r/Dune, the birth of AI art has led to a similar, albeit smaller, war on technology.

There, users numbering nearly a quarter of a million fans of the novel series, as well as its two film adaptations, moved to ban AI-generated art this week after a wave of auto-generated content flooded the boards.

The ban “applies to images created using services such as DALL-E, Midjourney, StarryAI, WOMBO Dream and others,” the moderators wrote in a notice announcing the decision. “Our team has been removing said content for a number of months on a post-by-post basis, but given its continued popularity across Reddit, we felt a public announcement was warranted.

“We acknowledge that many of these pieces are nice to look at, and the technology is certainly fascinating, but it technically qualifies as low-effort content – ​​especially when compared to original, ‘man-made’ art, which we’d like to prioritize going forward. “

In it Dune series, the destruction of thinking machines led to the rise of “navigators”, humans specifically bred and trained to perform the complex calculations required for interstellar travel. In the r/Dune community, the ban has led to similar suggestions. “We should just do some wild genetics that creates an animal whose sole purpose and property is to make Dune fan art,” one user suggested.

The growth of AI-generated art has also caused disruptions in other societies. In August, a painting created by AI tool Midjourney, titled Théâtre D’opéra Spatial, won first prize in the digital art category at the Colorado State Fair. In a post announcing the win, Midjourney user Jason Allen said: “I’ve made hundreds of images using it and after many weeks of tweaking and curating my [generations]I chose my top 3 and had them printed on canvas after upscaling with Gigapixel AI … I set out to make a statement using Midjourney in a competitive way and wow!

In a follow-up interview with Vice Magazine, Allen defended his decision to participate without explicitly labeling the artwork as AI generated. “What if we looked at it from the other extreme, what if an artist made a wildly difficult and complicated series of constraints to create a piece, for example, they made their art while hanging upside down and being whipped, while they painted.” he said. “Should this artist’s work be judged differently than another artist who created the same work ‘normally’?

“I know what will become of this in the end, they will simply create an ‘artificial intelligence’ category I imagine for things like this.”

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