Diddy pledges $1 million to Jackson State University and Howard University

While Didi She was accepting BET’s Lifetime Achievement Award and That’s Miami In the audience with a “Go Papi” banner, Kotb announced that he had donated $1 million to both Jackson State University and Howard University.

Soon he thanked his ex-girlfriend Cassie Because he “caught him in the dark” and mentioned that he misses the mother of his children, Kim PorterThe 52-year-old has announced that he will give HBCU $1 million each.

Diddy first announced that he was donating to Howard, where he attended:

I want to donate a million dollars to Howard University.

Continue to say:

Also, I’m going to drop another million dollars on Deion Sanders and Jackson State because we have to play with us.

As you know, Howard University is the mother university of many famous people: traji b. HensonAnd the Chadwick BosemanAnd the Lala Anthony For example, but not limited. As for Jackson State, the school had its best season last school year. It’s also the third year of Deion Sanders training for the team as the Tigers made their Celebration Bowl debut.

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