Did Rhaenyra from House of the Dragon have sex with Uncle Demon?

House of the Dragon Episode 4 with English Subtitles

This week’s episode of Dragon House Reads Like Modern Day Things Mills and Boon: The sexual awakening of a princess blessed with the passionate embrace of not one but two lovers in one night. Page turner.

What it doesn’t look like is the expected behavior of a young virgin living in a period when a particular time of day can still be referred to as “owl hour”. At the time, the princess’s virtue was supposed to remain untainted even once sex was proposed, assuming broad historical equivalence with the real world. However, this is what happens in the fourth episode of Dragon House.

Rhaenyra (Milly Alcock) is a virgin who is no longer married to her Uncle Daemon (Matt Smith) before losing herself in the warm embrace of Ser Criston Cole (Fabien Frankel).

Or did you?

Millie Alcock, House of the Dragon


Did she really satisfy her sexual desires with her lover in one night?

We know what Otto Hightower (Rhys Ifans) came up with and his allegation of espionage in the brothel, but whether or not Daemon got steamy with his niece seems to have baffled the minds of some viewers.

Her sinister attempt with Kriston Cole was as clear as the tail between his legs. The two engage in extreme nudity with Cole questioning the implications of his actions while Rainira throws all caution to the wind.

Then there’s the whole sex scene going forward in full force, complete with panting, frank skin-to-skin wagging and sexual faces. Yes, they definitely are… besides.

However, her union with Satan is less specific, as we say.

Among the crowd of nude couples (scrabble, etc.) engaging in their lusty exploits, Damon pushes Rainera against a wall and reveals her shirt tie before turning over and entering.

Millie Alcock Matt Smith House of Dragons


At least we assume that’s what happens. The scene isn’t nearly as graphic as the scene after it (although it’s certainly more lively than Aliscent’s plentiful love making with Viserys).

She’s doing all the right grimaces as he squeezes his hands and the music is heavy in its tracks but the moment is short. Ten seconds, more or less, from the moment he lowered her pants to Daemon’s unfortunate expression as he walked away from her.

It’s pretty much a sneak-and-miss type of scenario that has led some to wonder if it ever happened or if they were just heavy foreplay.

Although we don’t see much of the two of them, it can be inferred that they definitely had sex. The surrounding context does indeed mean that.

Before they get it right into Daemon, they make it clear to Rhaenyra that her marriage shouldn’t be a prison sentence for a woman or a member of the royal family she fears might be.

As he says: “Marriage is a duty, yes, but this does not prevent us from doing what we want, from the king we want.”

Millie Alcock, House of the Dragon


Then he proceeds to do just that, take what he wants when he wants, notwithstanding being married, being his niece and even her position as successor to the throne and what complications may arise. In fact, it may be because of that last fact that he proceeds to take her virginity. Only if it is partial.

When the truth comes out and Viserys (Paddy Considine) confronts his brother, Daemon offers to marry the tainted Rhaenyra.

“I’ll take it as it is,” are his words meant to return the Targareyn name to its full glory. I hope a heavy share of incest.

Perhaps this was his plan all along, to threaten the king with the tarnished reputation of his heir so that she would only be desired in a marriage match with him, meaning the devil on (or at least beside) the Iron Throne.

It would certainly explain why their exploits took place in a venue open to the public rather than behind closed doors when there was ample opportunity for more secrecy.

Millie Alcock, Emily Carey, House of the Dragon


Later, when Alicent asks Rhaenyra about the matter (it goes back to the Targaryens’ “queer” customs), Rhaenyra appears remarkably guilty as she lies about being an innocent bystander. The two events may indicate that there was indeed something to feel guilty about outside of Sir Kriston Cole.

It’s been clear for a while now that the niece and uncle duo have secret feelings for each other.

Many picked up on the look that passed between the two in an earlier episode where Demon gifted Rainera the necklace she wore when he returned from exile. The act of wearing it upon his return can be seen as a tribute to their relationship.

Matt Smith, House of the Dragon


Oddly enough, it was the Devil after her mother’s death who encouraged Rhaenyra to give the dragon the order of “dracarys”. Oddly enough, when Daemon steals the dragon eggs and resides in the Dragonstone, only Rhaenyra has the power to make him comply. Their understanding of each other hints at a more intimate relationship.

Their complicated relationship up to this point was a foreplay, pressure building their desire to build up to this point in the brothel. So it’s reasonable to assume that they did close the deal, but for a while.


Those who have read the books know what will likely happen later in the series when it comes to these two. Eventually, Daemon and Rhaenyra actually marry, making their brothel just the beginning of their incestuous romance.

Game of thrones Seasons 1-8 Available on DVD and Blu-ray. Dragon House The first season will be broadcast weekly in the US on Sunday HBOand on Monday in the UK Sky Atlantic And now.

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