Deadpool 3: Ryan Reynolds accused of ‘weird’ behavior on set by TJ Miller

Deadpool actor TJ Miller has said that he does not want to work with Ryan Reynolds again after a “strange” experience with the Hollywood star.

That Silicon Valley star, who appeared alongside Reynolds in the first two Deadpool films, blamed a specific meeting for his decision, claiming the actor “hates” him.

“Would I work with him again? No, I wouldn’t work with him again,” Miller said during an appearance on the The Adam Corolla Show podcast, adding, “But I’ve said that Michael Bay, and now we are friends and I would work with him again. But I think Michael Bay is different.

Describing the meeting, which he said was “not a great experience for me”, Miller explained: “We had a really weird moment at Deadpool whereupon he said, “Let us take one more.” And then as the character, he was horribly mean to me, like I was Weasel.

“So he said, ‘You know what’s great about you, Weasel? You’re not the star, but you do just enough exposition that it’s fun, and then we can go away and get back to the real movie. ‘

Miler, who said Reynolds is “kind of an insecure guy,” continued: “I wouldn’t have done that Deadpool 3 if they came to me and said, ‘We want you to do it Deadpool 3and we’re going to pay you double.’”

He added: “I think he should make one Deadpool 3 and continue making films. I just think he doesn’t like me and I thought it was weird how he expressed it. I’m at a place in my life where I don’t have to Deadpool 3.

In 2017, Miller faced allegations of sexual assault and battery by an anonymous woman who attended college with him. He denied all charges.

The actor was also called a “thug and boring brat” by his Silicon Valley co-star Alice Wetterlund.

TJ Miller in ‘Deadpool’

(20th Century Fox)

Reynolds returns Deadpool 3 for the character’s first Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) film, which will also mark Hugh Jackman’s return as Wolverine.

The independent has contacted Reynolds for comment.

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