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Andrew says creative hobbies help her manage bipolar disorder

Danny Andrew plans to unveil her new “Metamorphosis” collection in the fall. (Courtesy of Danny Andrew)

Danny Andrew has been drawing and designing clothes in San Juan County, New Mexico, for nearly her entire life. She started sewing when she was six and drawing when she was 14. About 25 years ago, she began selling her work at art galleries.

At Durango Farmers Market, Andrew sells hand-dyed clothes, “junk” clothing, paintings and her five self-published books about living successfully with depression and bipolar disorder.

Andrew says there are four key aspects to managing depression and bipolar disorder.

“Eating right, getting good exercise, having some form of spirituality (it doesn’t have to be a religion) and having a hobby you enjoy – no matter what it is,” she said. “Because there is so much darkness with bipolar disorder, I surround myself with so much color. I wear tie dye every day!”

Andrew should set guidelines for herself while creating it. She sticks to the “70s with a little sparkle” theme to keep her work focused and cohesive during bouts of mania.

In the fall, Andrew plans to unveil her new collection, “Metamorphosis.” The group symbolizes Andrew’s recent growth as an artist. For as long as she can remember, she has been changing clothes and connecting them to sewing clothes. But after watching the fashion modeling TV series “Project Runway,” Andrew decided it was finally time to start a clothing line that was designed from scratch.

Danni Andrew Creates can be found at Durango Farmers Market whenever space is available. To contact her, visit danniandrewcreates.com.


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