Daemon and Viserys’ moment at House Of The Dragon was not scripted

House of the Dragon

House of the Dragon
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The latest episode of HBO’s House of the Dragon was a lotwith an emotionally complex dinner party and a misguided conversation that annoyingly ends up serving as the basis for an entire war, but one of its best moments—arguably one of the best moments of all Game of Thrones The HBO franchise came after Paddy Considine’s King Viserys made his dramatic “I’d like an Emmy, please” entrance during the big debate sequence.

Halfway through the episode, his body intensely decayed by the disease that caused him to age 100 years while his relatives have not aged at all, Viserys slowly limps his way to the Iron Throne as everyone watches in stunned silence. After tripping on one of the steps up to his spiked chair, his crown falls off and is quickly picked up by his brother, Daemon (Matt Smith), who has basically been a big dick to Viserys for the entire show. Daemon helps his brother to the throne and quietly places the crown back on his head while quietly acknowledging both the fact that he’s been a dick all his life and that Viserys is a relatively nice guy who doesn’t deserve to be visibly rotting to death.

And somehow, it wasn’t in the script. Yes please Tony Stark’s last line in Avengers: Endgame, this incredibly important part that sums up an entire character arc and relationship wasn’t planned, which makes us wonder what the heck writers do all day. (As writers, we’re allowed to make that joke.) Considine revealed this fun fact below an interview with Complex, saying that it was an accident that his crown fell off the stage and that Matt Smith just happened to pick it up. They decided to keep the shoot going, with Considine falling into the throne and Smith kneeling down slightly to place it on his head, and afterwards Considine went to episode director Geeta Vasant Patel and said “this is now” to make sure she got that.

Of course she did because it’s in the episode, but it still feels a bit like finding out that Jack Gleeson came up with the idea to behead Sean Bean on set and didn’t tell anyone until after Ned Stark’s head had been taken of. . But if you want to read more optimistically, it could be argued that this moment speaks to a looser philosophy that goes into the creation of this show compared to what happened with the original Game of Throneswhich got so fixated on that very specific story that it would tell that it started breaking some rules and ditching some stories simply to make it work.

Considine notes that “these accidents” can provide “really poignant moments” and that having “the approval to do it by the powers that be” can make “the job so much more satisfying.” Not really relevant to this either, but Considine compares playing Viserys to Jim Carrey’s Grinch elsewhere in the interview, which is hilarious (although he does talk about getting anxious about wearing extensive makeup all day).

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