Cronulla Sharks captain Wade Graham wants a new contract

Cronulla faces a dilemma over the future of Commander Wade Graham.

The talented supporter has been an embellishment of the game and has provided a great service to the Sharks for the past 12 seasons.

But Graham, who turns 32 in October, is after a new deal with the club and officials are considering whether to sign him to a new contract.

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Graham’s best football is behind him and injuries are a big concern – he played just 11 games last season and six so far this year.

The club are set to keep Kiwi Test striker Nikura after it appeared they would lose to a rival team in the Premier League, and young strikers Jesse Colquhoun and Todd Hazleton recently agreed to new deals.

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Signing a new contract for Graham could snag some good young players coming from the ranks, and it poses the toughest decision yet for coach Craig Fitzgibbon.

If the Sharks don’t re-sign the forward ball player, they will almost certainly offer him an off-court role, and that is the respect he commands within the organization.


Former Kiwi international player Elijah Taylor wants to return to Down Under to finish his NFL career.

An experienced striker with over 200 first-class matches to his name at the Warriors, Panthers, Tigers and Salford, the 32-year-old Taylor is an entry-level dynamo and a great off-field model.

He has played the last two seasons with Salford, where he led the club, and has several Premier League clubs chasing him but would prefer to return to the National Football League to finish his career.

“I feel like I still have something to give and I’d like to get back to NRL,” Taylor, who was born in Kiwi, told me.

Taylor is no ordinary soccer player – he’s training to become a commercial pilot once his playing days are over.

Storm plan for the teenage star

The Storm had another boomer NSW winner under 19s quarterback Jonah Pezet.

The Novice was one of the stars on the acting tour, helping in his four attempt to lead the rising Blues to a 32-4 victory over Queensland.

And I heard that Pezet could make her NRL debut as early as next season despite being still a teenager.

The Storm plans to take it against the men in the Queensland Cup in 2023, and if he handles the move well, he will be seen as a backup for Cameron Munster and Jahrom Hughes during the acting rounds.

teen sweatshirt compared to joey

eel pinch rising dragon

The dragons have lost one of their most promising young – this time to eels.

Jack Burrows, a huge 18-year-old mainstay, has been a fixture at popular league nursery St Gregory’s College in Campbelltown for the past two years, but has snuck through the Dragons network and been stalked by the Eels over a two-year deal.

He’s going to play in the SG Ball next season but the good judges tell me he’s destined to do higher things in the coming years.

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