‘Cowardly’ thugs strangle and trample her friend in a heinous campaign of abuse

A violent serial killer strangled and trampled his girlfriend in a campaign of “humiliating” abuse. Leon John Richmond carried out a series of “cowardly” attacks on Chloe Robinson, including pouring Coca-Cola on her at a downtown hotel.

Today, the 26-year-old Bolton has been jailed for 28 months after pleading guilty to coercive and controlling behavior and common assault. Richmond’s campaign began in October 2020, when he moved in with his partner Chloe. The couple had been dating since May of the same year.

Attorney General David Farley said his first attack on Chloe came when he “accused her of sending intimate pictures to another man, which she didn’t.” He added: He strangled her and called her **g. He said it was “brought upon itself”. He also pulled her by the hair.

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“I went to the bathroom, where he was trying to strangle her and stepped on her ribs.” Rachel White was defending Richmond, who appeared in Crown Court on Main Street via a video link from Forest Bank today. She said, “There seems to be some real remorse.

“The defendant appears to have matured somewhere. He has taken a course of violence treatment to address the issues he has with his temper.”

Chloe Robinson was beaten and strangled by her abusive boyfriend

However, honorary judge Edwards told Richmond that his best mitigation was to admit his crimes, calling his actions “cowardly.” Judging Richmond, of Victoria Grove, Bolton, he said: “Leon Richmond, you’re still only 26 and for a guy of that age to look at your record and look at what you’ve done with Chloe is disconcerting, to say the least. The best way to mitigate Is that you admitted guilt and didn’t put Chloe through it.

“This was nothing less than a campaign of insulting and degrading behavior for Chloe. Not only did she demean her, [you demeaned] yourself as a man. He is cowardly.

“That’s unacceptable. It’s made worse because he’s a partner – because they’re not in a position to fight back, and it’s against someone who has the right to feel safe and secure under the roof that you are.”

“This is a total sentence of 28 months and you will have to serve half of it. There will be an indefinite restraining order. When you get out of custody, behave appropriately with the women.”

One organization in Greater Manchester that provides support to women in abusive relationships is the Pankhurst Trust, which includes Manchester Women’s Aid. He operates a local domestic violence phone line at 0163636 7525 and has a number The service is online as well. The tenth

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