Comedian Ariel Elias chugs beer thrown by army and demands to know if she voted for Donald Trump

The comedian chugs beer thrown by politically charged army

The comedian chugs beer thrown by politically charged army


POINT Pleasant, NJ — Comedian Ariel Elias said her hands were shaking but she didn’t show it when someone in the audience at a New Jersey club threw a beer at her over the weekend.

Viral video of the incident shows Elias picking up the can, chugging the beer and the crowd roaring with applause.

CBS2’s Ali Bauman spoke with Elias about how she stayed cool dealing with the politically charged army.

“Were you as calm, cool and collected on the inside as you appeared on the outside?” Bauman asked.

“No, I had so much adrenaline and was trying to breathe, take a hit, not let anyone see that my hands were shaking,” Elias said.

Elias did standup Saturday night at Uncle Vinnie’s Comedy Club in Point Pleasant Beach. As she often does, she asked if anyone in the crowd had a question for her.

A woman did.

“Did you vote for Donald Trump?” asked the woman.

“Did I vote for Donald Trump? What do you think,” Elias replied.

Elias tried to change the subject, but the fool persisted.

“I didn’t talk about politics at all. So it was just like, ‘Oh, you’re obviously looking for a fight,'” Elias told CBS2.

The woman in the audience said, “I can just see your jokes, you voted for Biden.”

“Okay. I can see the fact that you’re still talking when no one wants you that you voted for Trump,” Elias told the woman.

Dino Ibelli, the club’s owner, then approached the defender.

“I said ‘Listen, it’s not about you anymore. You have to keep it quiet or you have to leave,'” Ibelli said.

The woman went out. Then, according to Ibelli, a man she was with threw the closed beer can and ran out.

Ibelli said the guy who threw the beer was in the very back, meaning he threw it over the heads of people in the audience before almost hitting Elias.

There wasn’t a bouncer in the club that night, but Ibelli said a bouncer wouldn’t have changed much.

“If someone throws something, what do you do?” Ibelli said. “It’s not like the Chris Rock situation and Will Smith and you see the 30-second walk to the stage.”

Elias said she had never worried about physical violence on stage in her 11 years as a stand-up comic before this.

“Audiences are so much more intoxicated than they used to be, I think. I think COVID really taught people how to drink,” Elias said. “We all bottled up so much for so long and couldn’t interact with each other, and we had to bury all these feelings, all these emotions and all this trauma. So now people act on impulse.”

Ibelli filed a police report and plans to press charges. Elias is ready to come back on stage.

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