Chris West defeats Jeremy Hunt in the second run-off to Congress in Georgia

Chris West, a Thomasville attorney, won the Republican nomination in Georgia’s second congressional district, defeating former US Army chief and Yale law student Jeremy Hunt in Tuesday’s runoff election.

With an estimated 98% of the vote in, West Hunt leads 14,608-13853. Hunt admitted shortly before 10:20 p.m. but did not mention West by name in his speech.

West, 38, won despite finishing second in the primaries in May, outspending Hunt by about 10-1.

Hunt, 28, finished first in the May primary with 37% of the total votes cast, and was the favorite of several national Republican politicians, who had endorsements from U.S. Senators Tom Cotton of Arkansas and Josh Hawley of Missouri, a former ambassador to the United Nations. United and the ruler of the Supreme Council. Nikki Haley as well as Republican Party activist Karl Rove.

Hunt’s campaign raised the most money in the primaries and the round, buoyed by PAC’s overseas spending that escalated in the weeks leading up to the run-off. Two PACs, American Patriots PAC and American Values ​​First, have spent more than $1.4 million on Hunt’s campaign since early May with more than $623,000 coming in since June 11, according to preliminary reports submitted to the Federal Election Commission.

As of June 1, Hunt’s campaign has raised just over $721,000, and West has raised more than $232,000.

West, who has been in the Georgia Republican Party since 2004, is also an officer in the Georgia Air National Guard. He managed to get the support of three Republican Party opponents in May – Vivan Childs, Paul Whitehead and Wayne Johnson.

Days before the run-off, Johnson filed a lawsuit against Hunt, Fox News and Fox host Brian Kilmedy.

West continues to take on Democrat Sanford Bishop, the incumbent who has represented the district for nearly three decades. The race will be Georgia’s most competitive congressional election in November.

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