Chris Pratt slams backlash over Katherine Schwarzenegger’s post

Chris Pratt has finally responded to the criticism he received for his Instagram story last year of his wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger.

Although he was silent about it at the time, the “Jurassic World Dominion” actor admitted in a new interview with Men’s Health magazine that the backlash for his post “really upset him.”

In November 2021, Pratt shared a photo of Schwarzenegger beaming him and wrote a lovable comment praising her for everything she “gave” to him — including their “healthy” newborn daughter, Lily.

Many considered the remark about their children’s health an insult to his ex-wife, Anna Faris, and their 9-year-old son, Jack. According to Faris, Jack was born prematurely with severe cerebral hemorrhage and spent the first month of his life in intensive care.

“I said something like, ‘Find someone who looks at you the way my wife looks at me. Then I gave her some things and said, ‘But I love you. I am so grateful to my wife—she gave me a beautiful, healthy daughter,” Pratt recalls in his Men’s Health Profile, which was released on Tuesday.

And then a bunch of articles came up and said, ‘This is so sad. I can’t believe Chris Pratt would thank her for a healthy His daughter when his first child was born prematurely. This is such an excavation of his ex-wife.”

In Pratt’s opinion, the rhetoric surrounding the Instagram post was “quick”. He expressed fears that his son “will read that one day” because it is “engraved in digital stone”.

“I cried because of it,” Pratt told Fitness Magazine. “I hate that for the people close to me these blessings in my life should be a real burden.”

Pratt — a popular movie star who undoubtedly underwent extensive media training — proceeded with the joke that “his publicist would be like, ‘I’m sweating Chris, I’m sweating’, if they knew he got into the controversy.”

In addition to his personal digital assistant on Instagram, Pratt has been criticized for his alleged religious beliefs and relationships. About three years ago, Elliot Page invited the Guardians of the Galaxy actor on Twitter to attend a “notoriously anti-gay” church, referring to Heilong Church in Los Angeles.

At the time, Pratt dismissed Page’s accusation and claimed he belonged to a church that “is open to absolutely everyone…regardless of sexual orientation, race, or gender.”

However, he has not explicitly denied the association with Helsong, whose founder, Brian Houston, wrote in a 2015 blog post that the church “does not affirm a gay lifestyle.” According to Insider, Pratt is a member of Zoe Church in Los Angeles, which was modeled after Hillsong.

“I’ve never been to Hillsong,” Pratt told Men’s Health. “I’ve never actually been to Hillsong. I don’t know anyone from that church.”

Reflecting on his religious reputation, Pratt has recently become the “face of religion” in Hollywood while insisting that he is not really a “religious person”.

“Religion has been oppressive like and- for a long time,” he said. “I think there is a difference between being religious – sticking to human-created habits, often seizing in reserved awe of who I think is a very real God – and using them to control people, take money from people, abuse children, steal land, and justify hatred.

“Whatever it is. The evil in every man’s heart is hidden on the back of religion and comes for a ride.”

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