Chill stones the size of golf balls destroy cars in France

Hillstones the size of golf balls smashed roofs, destroyed cars, flattened vineyards and crops across swathes of France for the third time this year.

In the latest severe weather, the hail caused millions of euros in damage in the central and southwestern regions from Sunday through Wednesday.

In Digoin, on the Loire River in the center of Saône-et-Loire, Mayor David Bême said yesterday: “We have just witnessed a storm of unprecedented violence descend upon our town. We are talking about hail the size of golf balls.”

“The episode was very short, and it lasted about ten minutes. The whole town was flooded, and the whole town was destroyed. The residents who were in their cars were traumatized.”

Senator Fabien Genet said the event was “unprecedented in the memory of the population”. “There was serious damage. Glass ceilings in the gymnasium exploded.”

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