Chief Referee Steve Janson surprisingly admitted Premier League officials’ wages

Without referees, rugby league wouldn’t be possible.

They are an integral part of the sport, yet time and time again they are the center of attention for making human mistakes – despite being right in the vast majority of decisions.

Chief Referee Steve Ganson spoke about the accountability of officials and what they have to go through after the match.

“The Match Review Committee is an independent body and we operate within the rules and guidelines set by RFL,” Ganson said on the Sin Bean podcast.

“They are two completely different bodies, but the referee will review his performance minute by minute and every key decision he makes.

“A large spreadsheet will complete minute by minute.

“One of the hard things about being reviewed minute by minute is you have a personal belief in what’s right and it’s hard to step back and say ‘I could have managed things differently. “

“The referees are self-critical, they are aware of the social media and the talk about the game.

“They have a coach including me who looks at everything and then we have a review in the group.”

Ganson also revealed that referees’ salaries are not linear and are performance dependent.

“People think the referee who shows up does his job and goes away and meets the match next week.

“If people look at the lists they will see that referees miss matches – they also get paid through performance.

“If they referee big games and give the best performance, they will get the best signing in terms of the next year.

“Referees are held accountable for their performance and this affects the referees financially in some ways.”

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