Check out Bonnie Chance Roberts’ Beanie Feldstein engagement ring

Beanie Feldstein gave flash photographers a run for their money Thursday night when she showed off her new engagement ring for the first time.

The Broadway star, 28, was signing autographs outside New York City’s August Wilson Theater after “Funny Girl” when paparazzi caught a glimpse of Bonnie Chance Roberts’ one-of-a-kind diamond.

Made to order by jeweler Michel Oh, the ring resembles a flower, as it features a single central stone surrounded by a halo of smaller diamonds, all set in yellow gold.

“Something that was kind of vintage-inspired aesthetically pleasing and unique, like a rare blooming flower,” Oh wrote on Instagram on Thursday, adding that the design includes an extra personal touch.

Engagement Ring
Feldstein’s ring is inspired by a “rare flower that blooms”.
michelleohjewellery / Instagram

“The back and interior of the ring are just as beautiful as the outside, and we were also able to incorporate a very sentimental small diamond on the inside of the ring which was featured in her mother Bonnie’s ring ♥️ Details like this are what make the ring so special.”

Engagement Ring
Diamonds from Roberts’ mother’s ring were included in the design.
michelleohjewellery / Instagram

The floral-inspired ornaments in style are similar to the engagement rings worn by royals such as Kate Middleton and Princess Eugenie, as well as stars including Katy Perry and Tom Hiddleston’s fiancé, Zawy Ashton.

“They’re called flower rings, cluster rings, they were popular in the 19th century,” celebrity jeweler Neil Lane told Page Six Style of the romantic ring style in 2019. “When you put glitter around the center stone, it enhances it and it’s also very beautiful.”

Close-up of Penny Feldstein's engagement ring
Another look at Feldstein’s special diamond.
WavyPeter /

Earlier in the day, Feldstein announced that she had been engaged to her best friend of three years.

“I do, okay,” the younger sister of actor Jonah Hill commented on one knee in a backyard decorated with flowers and lights.

“bonnie_chance makes me happier than I knew I could love you,” she added on her Instagram story.

Benny Feldstein in New York City after a "funny girl" performance
The Broadway star blinded the paparazzi with glitter on Thursday night.
WavyPeter /

Feldstein accessorized in a pink checkered dress by Mølby The Label ($178) for the occasion, while Roberts opted for a taupe jacket, black pants and matching shoes.

The couple celebrated their engagement with family and close friends, including the “Superbad” star, 38.

Feldstein and Roberts, the producer, met in 2019 while working on the movie How to Build a Girl.

Bonnie Chance Roberts proposes to Benny Feldstein
Roberts proposed to Feldstein after three years of dating.
Rio Ash Phoenix

“We spent every day together,” the “Booksmart” star said of the unexpected romance in October of that year.

“It was like, ‘Let’s have breakfast at 9 a.m.’ and then it’s going to be 11 p.m., and we’ll say, ‘I think it’s not breakfast anymore, and we’re still staring at each other and talking. “

The duo appeared on the red carpet two months later at the premiere of “Cats” in New York, and the rest – as they say – history.

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