Channel 4 Gogglebox viewers were preoccupied with a strange optical illusion on Gok Wan

Gok Wan admitted he was a “snowflake” on Celebrity Gogglebox. He laughed with Fearne Cotton as he called himself a derogatory insult.

The TV-watching couple were interacting with the new Netflix reality show “Snowflake Mountain” as a group of “snowflakes” gather on an outdoor trip to teach them life skills. The show’s opening introduction identified Snowflake as: “A young man seen as overly sentimental and easy to insult and dramatize.”

After this definition, stylist Gook Wan turned to his couch friend, Vernie, and in a moment of epiphany said, “I think I’m a snowflake” while laughing.

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The Channel 4 The show showed other clips of “Snowflake Mountain” where a group of young adults, or snowflakes as they are called, are dropped onto the side of a hill. In response, she cuts the camera to one of the young men, saying, “I’m done. I’m calling the police.”

Although Jock has been primarily known as a fashion designer throughout his career, he has ventured into other aspects of the entertainment industry in recent years, including cooking, as he is a regular chef. ITV’s This morning.

But fans were more preoccupied with something else, and took to social media to point out the unfortunate appearance of the folded blanket next to his leg on the show. To some, this pattern looked like an electronic tag on his ankle.

On Twitter @falling_stairs said: “Why It looks like Gok Wan is electronically tagged? # Shereen#coccle chest

@mcfcnorthstand3 agreed and tweeted: “Is jock wearing the #CelebrityGogglebox ankle tag.”

mavericksteve also questioned the optical illusion and said, “Is gok wan tagged electronically? #CelebrityGogglebox”

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