Channel 4 Celebrity Gogglebox and The Lateish show: Real Life of Rylan Clark – Real name, mother’s disease, heartbreaking split and body transformation

Rylan Clark celebrated ten years in the entertainment world last year after appearing on our screens on The X Factor in 2012. But we may have seen him a lot sooner.

The big fan of the 33-year-old has claimed he was ‘kicked’ from the hit reality show when he was 18 – before hitting the famous house. Rylan spoke about the moment that happened in 2006 with Louis Theroux on the podcast Grounded.

He said, “When I was 18 I was going to Big Brother’s house in the civilian version and a long story short, I was in hiding, my bags were all changed in preparation for entering and a story came out [in the press]Which means I couldn’t get in and didn’t end up at that time.”

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But this was just a setback in Raylan’s plans to make it happen. He looked for other ways to make his name on TV and in 2010 reached the finalist of the Sky Living Model Series, signed by Katie Price. But it wasn’t until 2012 that he really made a big time with a memorable turn on The X Factor where he was directed by Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger.

He ended up finishing the ITV singing competition, after his unforgettable crying scenes, in fifth place and soon Big Brother’s chance came again and he won Celebrity Big Brother 11 in 2013. Later that year, Big Brother’s Bit on the side , this morning and Xtra Factor.

Rylan has also been the host of the revived versions of Supermarket Sweep, Ready Steady Cook and You Are What You Wear on the BBC. Fans are now used to hearing him on his BBC Radio 2 program every Saturday, and he is also the co-host of the Strictly Come Dancing spin-off, It Takes Two.

Rylan when the celebrity won Big Brother

But viewers are currently watching him on the Celebrity Gogglebox every Friday night as his mom, Linda, joins him on the sofa to give their opinions on the latest TV shows and breaking news. Viewers were happy to see mother and son together on the screen after they were forced to miss a series.

Rylan said back in 2020 that the couple were forced to miss filming on the hit spin-off due to his mother’s ill health. However, during a recent interview with This Morning, the BBC Radio 2 host revealed that it was actually because he wasn’t in a good place after his split from husband Dan Neal.

The couple, who met via Big Brother, ended their marriage after six years last year, with news emerging amid Rylan’s four-month outage from the spotlight. In recent months, fans of the TV star have seen him talk about his struggles of that period, admitting for the first time in his life that he felt “lonely”.

Raylan and Dan broke up last year

Speaking to The Guardian’s Observer in January, Rylan explained, “It got to the point where I didn’t know if I wanted to go back. Or if I’d ever be able to do that job again. Sick, I went down to just over 9 And 6ft 4in. It got bad. Like, so bad. And I didn’t think it would get any better. I needed help…

“Everyone feels like I’m their buddy. I was talking to maybe five million people a night. But last summer for the first time I felt lonely.” He added, “I didn’t think I’d be here. I didn’t think I could go on. When asked if he meant to continue working or life itself, he admitted ‘both.'” I didn’t think I would actually go back. I was very… gone. “

The former reality star-turned-host revealed he was hospitalized for “safety reasons” because he no longer identified himself. But Rylan has since gotten his life back on track, back in business and undergoing a major body transformation. At the beginning of the year, he shared before and after photos showing off his brand new physique after overhauling his physical and mental health.

Rylan has undergone a complete body transformation

And just a few weeks ago, BBC Radio 2 star Sarah Cox revealed how Rylan inspired her to complete the March wave of The Six Pack Revolution, the same show he followed. The Bolton-born Driving Times presenter says Rylan revealed his ripped muscles at the start of the year after participating in the Stimulus Challenge.

While Rylan has said that his mom was the reason he spent time away from the Celebrity Gogglebox, Linda is actually struggling with her health. He has previously shared how his mother has Crohn’s disease, a long-term condition that causes inflammation of the digestive system.

But while he was living the dream on The X Factor, Linda’s fight with Crohn meant she, too, was missing out on her son’s performance on The Simon Cowell Show when her health took a bad turn. In 2019, Rylan discussed his mother’s illness with the ITV talk show, Loose Woman. He explained: “My mum has suffered from acute Crohn’s disease all my life and I don’t think Crohn’s is talking about it as much as it is [should]. I almost lost my mom last year, again. for the third time.”

Raylan and his mother, Linda

Then, in October 2021, Rylan shocked listeners when he revealed on his popular BBC Radio 2 show that his mother, Linda, had been diagnosed with skin cancer. The radio announcer, graciously, confirmed that the situation was “not life-threatening.”

And people may or may not know that to Linda Raylan is Ross. The presenter has undergone various name changes over the years. Before he found fame, the modeling agency that signed him told him that his real name “Ross” was boring and called him Kelan instead.

But by day, while visiting the W.H. Smith branch, the then-budding star scrolled through a baby name book into the “R” section when he happened upon by the name Rylan—a name he would carry for the rest of his career. Not only has his name changed, but Rylan has also completely changed his image after being a victim of bullying for being “fat, ginger and gay.”

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