Census: More than 8,800 empty properties in Kerry

There is still a significant shortage of available housing stock across the county, but the first batch of 2022 Census numbers show that there has been a significant level of construction activity in the county since 2016.

Preliminary census figures issued by the Central Bureau of Statistics indicate that there are currently 77,824 housing units – of all types – in the governorate.

This is an increase of 3,750 from the 2016 figure of 74,049. Although the number of new housing units built may seem small, the level of housing stock growth — five percent since 2016 — has already kept pace with the 5.1 percent population growth rate.

The census also provides some interesting facts about vacancy rates in the county.

According to preliminary census data – a series of more detailed and covering topics will be released by the Central Census Bureau next year – it shows there were 8,849 vacant properties in the county on census night.

These do not include summer homes but details of some properties that are neglected or otherwise uninhabitable are at the main address.

Despite an ongoing shortage of rental properties across Kerry — there were only 26 rental properties available in the county on Daft Thursday when census numbers were released — Central Census Bureau data shows researchers found 1,816 “rental” properties vacant in Kerry. .

While the CSO does not provide an exact breakdown, it is estimated that a significant number of these vacant rentals are units available for short-term rental.

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