Bristol’s Idles dedicate their Glastonbury Festival theme song to critically ill music hero, Big Jeff Jones

Bristol-based Idles dedicated a song at tonight’s majestic Glastonbury Festival to the city’s legendary band member Big Jeff Johns.

Big Jeff, the artist famous in the city for attending parties almost every night, is a friend of the band, but is currently in an induced coma after suffering serious burns in a fire at his Waterdown home earlier this month.

Idles lead singer Joe Talbot performed the song A Hymn from his group, and took the time to honor Big Jeff.

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Talbot said, “This next song goes to our brother and friend Big Jeff. He’s all we wish we could be, he’s all he’s fan of music and he’s all love. It’s for you, Big Jeff.”

Big Jeff is very well known and loved in the Bristol music scene, with the rule in the city that if you know you’ve made the right choice to perform on any given night, if Big Jeff is in the front row he loses himself in the music.

Brilliant artist, Jeff – originally from Gloucestershire but now living in Totterdown – has become a regular figure in Bristol’s music scene, becoming known by many of the top performers as they roam the city. As a band formed in Bristol, Jeff was an early champion of the Idles, and is a close friend of the band. He is also, along with the likes of Rob Del Nga, Tricky, Banksy and Jeff Barrow, a permanent member of the Bristol Cool List Hall of Fame.

Earlier this month, Jeff was hospitalized and then transferred to a specialist burn unit in Swansea, after a fire broke out at his Totterdown home.

His family released two statements to inform friends and supporters of his health – he remains in intensive care, is undergoing a series of skin grafts and has been in an induced coma while treatment continues.

Jeff was treated at Swansea Morriston Hospital for severe burns. He is stable in intensive care, but remains under heavy sedation and passed out while initiating a series of procedures and skin grafts.

“He is expected to remain in the hospital for several months, and cannot have any visitors at this time. His family and close friends would like to thank everyone for the massive outpouring of love and support, and ask people to keep Jeff in their thoughts.”

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