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David Campbell Bannerman, who has supported Boris Johnson amid calls for the prime minister to resign during the party scandal, has used social media to express his support for the government. Former UKIP and Tory MEP, a descendant of Liberal Prime Minister Henry Campbell-Bannerman, claimed Mr Johnson had a ‘fantastic day’ after his dispatch box struggle against Sir Keir Starmer at the Prime Minister’s questions. Mr. Campbell-Bannerman also welcomed the steps taken by Eurosceptic Justice Minister Dominic Raab and Jacob Rees-Mogg to address the issues surrounding the European Court of Human Rights and red tape from Brussels.

In his Twitter account, Campbell Bannerman said: “It was a great day for government: Boris Johnson at his best [Sir Keir] Starmer (with 25 deputies on the picket line!); Dominic Raab introduces the long-awaited Bill of Rights to reform the Blair Human Rights Act, and Jacob Rees-Mogg tackles wasteful European red tape. Back on track! “

Boris Johnson has come under pressure in recent weeks from both inside and outside the Conservative Party, as the cost of living crisis continues to grip the nation.

He even faced a vote of confidence earlier this month after senior civil servant Sue Gray released her internal report on parties breaking the lockdown held in Whitehall, when Covid curbs were in place.

However, the Prime Minister killed about 148 Tory rebels in what Johnson claimed was a “compelling result”.

During his confrontation with the opposition leader at the Prime Minister’s Questions, Johnson targeted Labor over the ongoing rail strike.

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“The leader of the Labor Party did not even have the courage to speak out against the rail strikes that have caused so much harm to people in the north of this country and across the country,” he said.

Sir Keir replied: “Speaking of people not up to the job, while the Transport Secretary spends his time working on his spreadsheet tracking the prime minister’s unpopularity, thousands of families’ holiday trips have been canceled, and it takes forever to renew a driver’s license or renew a driver’s license. And we now have the biggest rail strike in 30 years.”

Campbell Bannerman’s support for Mr Raab, a fellow Brexit Party, comes after the deputy prime minister revealed plans to introduce the Bill of Rights.

Speaking about the move, Mr Raab said: “The Bill of Rights will reinforce the UK’s traditions of freedom while injecting a healthy dose of common sense into the system.

“These reforms will enhance freedom of expression, enable us to deport more foreign offenders and better protect the public from dangerous criminals.”

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However, a letter signed by 150 organizations called for the legislation to face scrutiny in Parliament.

“It is therefore extremely disappointing and worrying that the government has rejected calls from parliamentary committees representing both houses and all major parties to ensure that these measures are subject to the greatest degree of public and parliamentary scrutiny,” the letter read.

Despite the support of Campbell Bannerman, the government has also faced criticism over its handling of Brexit.

A study by Resolution and the London School of Economics concludes that Brexit has hurt Britain’s competitiveness and productivity and will leave the average worker poorer.

In response to the report, enthusiastic Remainer and former environment minister Hilary Bean took aim at Johnson’s Brexit deal.

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He claimed it was “making businesses and consumers poorer at a time when people across the country are struggling to make ends meet.”

The Leeds Central MP added that the report had established that this was not just an “emerging problem” but a “long-term economic problem” and called on ministers to review the deal.

However, Brexit Secretary Jacob Rees-Mogg has launched a new website so Britons can “countdown” to repeal the more than 2,000 EU laws still in force in the UK.

While others have claimed that the UK’s exit from the European Union has exacerbated the impact of the cost-of-living crisis, the Somerset North East MP and former head of the European Research Group claimed that cutting red tape could ease the financial burden.

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